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May 15, 2012 05:41 PM

Catering suggestions for Kiawah/Charleston SC

My wife is trying to plan for her parents 50th anniversary while we're staying on Kiawah, S.C. We're in a rental that can easily accomodate 25 people on the deck, so I thought it might be easy to have a clam bake style catered event. Any suggestions? (Doesn't have to be a clam bake, but given the Ohio participants it would probably be appreciated if fresh seafood were on the menu).

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  1. When? Shrimp is in season in warmer months, oysters when the water is cold.

    We don't do clambakes. That's a, ah, northern thing. What you might enjoy is a Beaufort (aka, Frogmore, aka lowcountry boil) Stew. It's easy to do on your own. If it's in winter you can do an oyster roast.

    Look at Mrs. Hamby's or Charleston Bay Gourmet. Both do great stuff.