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May 15, 2012 04:34 PM

Ba in Highland Park?

Anyone been? First impressions? Looks promising... although does the price point seem a bit high?

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  1. We haven't been yet either. Am very curious but agree, for a neighborhood joint, the prices on their website seem quite steep. I get the concept of a limited menu but the one posted on the website was minimal to the extreme. My fussy husband would choose nothing and even for my less neurotic self it would sort of be a lesser of evils thing. Understand the menu is ever changing though. Hoping someone takes one for the team pronto...

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    1. re: Layne Murphy

      yes, if someone could take one for the team... much appreciated! I walked by there last weekend and was like, oh wow, a new spot! but the prices seemed high so i want to make sure it's worth it before we check it out... :)

    2. It came highly recommended by a couple we met at the LQ@GGD dinner but we haven't had a chance to try it yet.

      1. I ate there last night and had a meal that was worse than mediocre. Service was friendly but slow (despite there being only 3 tables occupied). Food was cold and underseasoned. I had the duck and it was tough, dry and chewy. My wife had the game hen and it was very bland. She barely touched hers. For starters we had the Ahi tartare, which was described as being prepared like steak tartare but came out as a japanese sashimi type dish. It was fine but very odd in a French restaurant. My wife had the potato croquettes, which she found to be too rich but I tried and liked fine. Just a bummer all around. I live nearby and I'd noticed that it was always nearly empty inside, which was disappointing because I was hoping for a successful neighborhood bistro but I won't be going back.

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        1. re: rob moore

          i think it's the prices. my friends who live in HP are mostly families with creative parents (artists, stylists, film industry etc.) who wanted to buy an affordable home or childless couples who wanted more space than hollywood could offer. places like the York works for HP bc it doesn't skip on quality for food or beer but the price is right. i find when they want a fancy meal people travel to hollywood or pasadena but generally don't stay in HP. i think in order for Ba to work the food has to be phenomenal so people will travel to it.

          1. re: trolley

            Maximiliano in the 5900 block of York Blvd. is quite good, with easier on the budget prices.
            Their pork chop is very very good, huge, yet about $5 less than Ba, for example.
            Here is their menu for comparison:

            1. re: carter

              i hear it's terrific there. the people i know in HP have maximilano on a regular rotation. some even say the pizza is better than Mozza.

              1. re: trolley

                Not saying Max has bad pizza but if some say it's better than Mozza then the latter must not be that great, I have not been to Mozza yet BTW.

                1. re: Johnny L

                  i ate pizza at maximilanos the first and only time i've been there. got the squash blossom one that was the special. it was nowhere near as good as mozza's. may have cost less, but the flavor was not there. i do not agree whatsoever that max's has pizza on par with mozza, and i'm not even a huge fan/supporter of mozza, i just think it's very good.

                  1. re: Clyde

                    i've been to mozza but not to max. it was just what my friend had experienced. i know she went to mozza once and had a bad pizza there. apparently they got carried away with the char. perhaps not a good person to quote...

        2. We went a couple months ago, and really haven't made any effort to go back. We had soem fois gras, b/c it was right before the ban. That was good. But both of our entrees were lacking and apparently kind of forgettable. My husband and I can't remember what he had, but i had a fish dish w/some kind of fennel salad underneath. It was OK. Not great by any means. It was very one-dimensional. The fish was nicely cooked, but it was just boring. I love vegetables and try to eat as many as I can, but it really could've used a starch or something to even out the texture and vary the taste. And I heard the guy was a pasty chef, but we didn't get dessert.

          I hate to say places overcharge, b/c things are expensive! But it's hard to spend a decent amount of money on something that just isn't that good. Unfortunately, our other neighborhood friends have not had reports that encourage us to go back. I really want Ba to be good. it's a tough neighborhood for their price point, but there is a clientele in the neighborhood for them. We are! But alas ....

          1. We had a lovely dinner here Sunday. Started with a nice charcuterie plate of cheeses, fruit, olives, a memorable grilled lamb sausage and sliced salamis. The wife then had a perfectly cooked steak and I had a great piece of grilled mahi-mahi. With a nice bottle of wine from the short wine list and shared desert the tab came to what I thought was a very reasonable $98. We live nearby so I'm sure we'll be back.