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What to do with 4 pounds of Rosemary? [moved from Southeast board]

I'm looking for neat ideas for A LOT of Rosemary beyond drying, infusing or gifting. Lay em on me.

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  1. Anything with potatoes: roasted rosemary red potatoes (simple, easy, yet amazing), infused into butter to then be added to mashed potatoes . . . oops, you said no infusing - sorry.

    Added to bread doughs such as foccacia or, heck, most any bread.

    Rosemary tea

      1. I was going to say Rosemary Jelly, but it violates two of your requirements. Putting thinking cap back on...

        1. You could puree it along with olive oil in a food processor and then pour into ice cups tray---then use it at will.

          1. Toss some down into the briquettes when grilling chicken and pork.

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              I save all my Rosemary stems for using on the fire with pork on the grill.

            2. Put a bunch on your fire pit and enjoy the fragrance. Put it in your bath water, or boil some in water and use it as a nice purative for your house by sprinkling the water around ( I'm sure there's a hoodoo use for rosemary but I can't think what it is and can't find my book either). The Interwebz will take you there, though

              1. i roast beets and sweet potatoes with it... i soften the beets and/or potatoes for a few minutes in the micro (feel free to steam), then cut several deep slits in each (careful not to go all the way through the bottom), and put a long sprig of rosemary in each slit, spray them with spray oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. then i wrap in foil and roast til done at 375 F. i like to sprinkle with chives and crumbled feta or goat cheese.

                Rosemary Focaccia -- i actually mix the rosemary into the dough

                Rosemary Popovers

                Rosemary Toum -- add some rosemary to standard garlic toum

                Fish en Papillote - Layer lemons, onion slices and rosemary in parchment, then top with fish; sprinkle with broth or wine, salt, and pepper (I like to sprinkle my fish with a little blackening seasoning)

                Lemon Rosemary Pesto

                Rosemary Potato Salad - potatoes, mayo, mustard powder, diced roasted garlic, dash of white wine vinegar, lemon zest, rosemary, salt and pepper, and optional hard boiled egg (whites)

                1. Holy smoke! This has my clock ticking. It's really fun to see a simple thing inspire great cooking.

                  1. If the stems are long and woody, you can strip them of some of the leaves and use them as skewers for shrimp or other kebabs. Use it to decorate platters of food instead of parsley or other garnish. Homemade potpourri?

                    1. If you have cut flowers at home, add several stalks of rosemary to the bouquet. Looks nice, smells nice.

                      1. Where did they come from - a gift, your own yard?
                        Just curious.

                          1. I give it away at the office, and lots of ladies just put it in their office for the scent.

                            1. 4 pounds would make a lovely fresh wreath and smell lovely with weekly misting. Whole stems, floral wire and tuck in a few springs of dried cornflowers. Lovely for you or a gift. How many x's did I say lovely today....lol...

                              1. I have a lot of recipes for rosemary! I'll put it in everything, when I have a big fresh bunch. You can put it in bread, or savory pie crusts. I made some meyer lemon mousse with rosemary and black pepper, good with greens, or roasted vegetables. 4 pounds, though - that's a lot! I'd probably cook with it fresh every day for two weeks and then give up and dry the rest.

                                1. Toss it on the compost pile. I love rosemary and use it often, (most recently as skewers for chicken livers) but it grows like a weed so really doesn't require conservation.

                                  1. Toss it in a pile and roll around in it in sheer ecstasy lol

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