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May 15, 2012 03:48 PM

What to do with 4 pounds of Rosemary? [moved from Southeast board]

I'm looking for neat ideas for A LOT of Rosemary beyond drying, infusing or gifting. Lay em on me.

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  1. Anything with potatoes: roasted rosemary red potatoes (simple, easy, yet amazing), infused into butter to then be added to mashed potatoes . . . oops, you said no infusing - sorry.

    Added to bread doughs such as foccacia or, heck, most any bread.

    Rosemary tea

      1. I was going to say Rosemary Jelly, but it violates two of your requirements. Putting thinking cap back on...

        1. You could puree it along with olive oil in a food processor and then pour into ice cups tray---then use it at will.

          1. Toss some down into the briquettes when grilling chicken and pork.

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              I save all my Rosemary stems for using on the fire with pork on the grill.