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May 15, 2012 03:19 PM

Has anyone tried Crust yet in Studio City?

Drove by the other day, it was packed.

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  1. I went there yesterday. My friend, Jaques Montague, isn't that a great name, and I had just finished a round of golf, and were looking for a place to have some lunch. Knowing that I am a pizza person, he mentioned that there was this new place on Ventura Blvd just east of Laurel Canyon, so off we went. It is mainly for takeout, and while there is interior seating, in my opinion it is not meant as a place to hang out in. Music is loud, decor is orange and black. Now to the pizza. We ordered 2 pies, Margherita and BBQ Chicken. If you like a LOT of cheese on your pie, this Margherita is for you. The crust is ultra thin, the sauce was devoid of taste because of the overpowering amount of cheese on the pie, and I could not taste or notice any EVOO on the pie. I called this pie crap. The BBQ chicken pie was very very dry and also not tasty at all. It's just not what pizza should taste like. The BBQ chicken pie at CPK has this one beat by a country mile. If you are a pizza aficionado, this place is not for you. If you don't care about how a pie tastes, why not, but I will not be going back there ever.

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      pizzafreak, thanks for the heads up. i still may have to check it out.

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        Glad to hear about the cheese
        Why every place needs to cover every pizza with mounts and mounds of cheese is the reason I don't eat pizza - just say NO!
        And as to the tomato sauce, not every pizza needs tomato suace - diversify.
        So the import from OZ thinks it has all the local problems solved. Good luck Crust.

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          Excuse me, that's Jacques Montague.

        2. Just tried Crust earlier tonight on Ventura Blvd.

          If you enjoy eating generally mediocre pizza in a bright red and black lounge environment, then you've hit paydirt.

          But I'll admit: The wild mushroom pizza was decent. And their complimentary valet service is outstanding.