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May 15, 2012 02:50 PM

Visiting Atlanta Hound looking for options near NW San Antonio, La Cantera, RIM

Hi There,

Atlanta Hound looking for some guidance... I'll be in San Antonio on business for practically the whole summer, M-Th. Unfortunately, I'm staying a bit far from downtown, near La Cantera and the RIM. Is there ANYTHING worthwhile nearby? My team and I have done some exploring and it seems the best we've found is Rudy's BBQ in Leon Springs, a good ways out. Would love pointers for some good dinner places to call our own for a few months.

ALSO, while it is tough for us to get downtown often, I'll take any suggestions you guys have for young professional 20-somethings... all great restaurant and bar recommendations are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sustenio at the new Elian hotel off La Cantera parkway, expensive, but excellent, beautiful room
    At La Cantera mall Grimaldi's has good pizza, Perry's is a decent steakhouse. I think Kona Grill attracts a crowd your age.
    There are a ton of places a little farther east on 1604 and in the Stone Oak area.
    Cielito Lindo is my favorite mexican (not Tex-mex), at Stone Oak and Huebner.
    Dough is one of my favorites, not too far from you at Blanco and 410, the best pizza in town hands down.
    For authentic Sichuan food, Sichuan Cuisine on NW Military is not far. Amazing if you like spicy food.
    I live about 10 minutes from where your staying, rarely go downtown to eat.
    On the way downtown, but closer is the Pearl Brewery complex, Il Sogno and Sandbar are excellent as well as La Gloria.

    1. Also, if you like Indian, the chef at Sustenio recommended Taste of Malabar, not far from you on DeZavala off I-10.

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        Thanks saeyedoc! Really helpful. I had read about Sustenio and heard good things. Is it new? I ask because info is limited... Anyone have some thoughts or experiences to share?

        Also have heard good things about Dough, which is on the list. I'll also have to try Cielito Lindo.

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          Sustenio has only been open a few months, the hotel hasn't even had it's grand opening yet. It was opened by a well know chef from Dallas. The focus is on local and sustainable ingredients with a southwestern twist. I've been there 3 times, once for a 3 course dinner, then did the tasting menu with wine and went back for a meeting which was 3 courses.

          We really enjoyed the tasting menu, you sit at the ceviche bar and the chef presents each dish to you, he's a really cool guy. The wine pourings were generous, they would refill if we finished before the next. That night they had all of this fish that was flown in from Hawaii, it was amazing. They also feature local produce, had wild boar on my first visit, venison on the second.

          The tasting menu is $85 and the wine is $50.

          They also have more casual offerings like pizza and ceviche.

          There isn't much if you head west on I-10, but there are alot of places in the other direction.

      2. Go to The Cove. We moved here last June, and it's quickly become one of our favorite places to go. It's very dive-y, but the food is organic, local and very delicious. There is tons of outdoor seating, and a big bar with live music every night. It's a really fun place to hang out. The Monterrey downtown is also a favorite. Also great outdoor seating with a great vibe, and their menu changes daily. They are also very focused on local/organic. As for Dough, I really don't understand what the hype is. Everyone talks about it all the time, but I think it's just okay. Our first (and will be the last) trip there, our bill was $120, and we left hungry and unsatisfied.

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          Will beg to disagree with MrsWilson about Dough, my only gripe being that it can be a long wat if you don't time your arrival before 7. Sustenio was excellent on our only visit. If you have transportation but don't feel up to trekking downtown I'd also definitely reccomend Bin 555 (Bitters near 281) and Freetail brewpub (1604/NW Military).

        2. It's all about the pizza at Dough for me. Home made mozzarella, basil picked fresh off a plant. Amazing oven that cooks pizzas in 90 seconds. The char on the crust is so good.
          My favorite is the pork love.

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            I have to agree with Mrs. Wilson. My last trip to San Antonio, I went to Dough. The food was mediocre at best and too expensive. If the food was great, the cost wouldn't be so bad. But, poorly prepared food at high price makes it a "no go" place for me.

          2. Thank you all for your replies thus far. I'll be in SA with my team all summer, and will be sure to report back on any places of note we may visit; I always try to come back with reviews on these boards because you all take the time to post.

            To start, we did go to Perry's for dinner at La Cantera the other night. Not necessarily one of my top steakhouse experiences, but it WAS a pretty darn good. My seared tuna was flavorful and cooked well, but the highlight had to have been my coworker's porkchop that they carved tableside. In terms of taste, I only had a small piece that was pretty delicious, but at least it was a winner in terms of presentation. What have been your experiences at Perry's? Are there better steakhouses we should absolutely go to?

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              Just an update for those of you who have posted... many thanks, as always, for the suggestions.

              My team and I went to El Mirasol for dinner last week, and enjoyed it a lot. While I'm sure you all would know better than I do, the food seemed authentic and tasted great. My fajitas were solid, although some other team members weren't too keen on the creamy white sauce that came with their enchiladas. I didn't try it, so I can't comment. Overall super friendly service, good food, good outdoor dining.

              We also stopped by Flying Saucer for dinner... didn't know that Wednesdays are so crazy there with the beer mug giveaways, so we ended up waiting a LONG time. Even after we finally found a table on our own, we waited LONGER for a waitress. She then proceeded to mess up our order, so we waited MORE. In the end, the food was fine (not great)... just seems like much more of a place for the beer and the outdoor seating. That being said, the beer list was pretty darn good and the outdoor area there is great, so that certainly satisfied us.

              I believe the Pearl Brewery Complex is on tap for this week, as well as potentially Dough. I know we'll be making a trek to the downtown area on Tuesday. I will report back with any notable meals... as always, the more suggestions, the merrier!

              1. re: joond1

                Add NAO to your list of options at the Pearl. Restaurant (pan-latin)is run by students from CIA. Our first visit last weekend was excellent despite the hiccoughs that go with a soft opening. Reasonably priced three course prix-fixe, good wine list and drinks menu. Speaking of drinks, the Blue Box (between Sandbar and NAO) is definitely worth a stop as well!

              2. re: joond1

                Try Bohannan's downtown. They feature the fabulous Akaushi beef, which has no equal, in my opinion.