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May 15, 2012 02:01 PM

Need advice on West Hollywood/Bev Hills restaurants for a Birthday dinner

Hello L.A. Chowhounds!

I'm planning a 40th bday and need some advice. (It's amazing I use to be really up on the L.A. food scene and I've been gone 10 years and there is barely a restaurant I recognize!) At any rate - we are a party of 10ish and we want somewhere in Bev Hills or the West Hollywood area (staying at the SLS and going out after dinner). I've narrowed a semi-short list to the following listed below. We want (obviously!) good food as well as a fun scene - but I don't want it to be too crazy expensive since it's a group. Would love some help on this! Thank you so much!

The Bazaar
Pizzaria Mozza (LOVE Mozza - but haven't been here yet)
Little Door Next Door
Mercado di Vetro
Red O
Son of a Gun
The Foundry
Tinto Tapas
Wood & Vine

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  1. I took a party of 7 to Animal once and they basically said that they don't do parties much (if at all) over that size so you would need to check and see what they said. Why not do Saam at the Bazaar or talk to the folks at Red Medicine (some of the most delicious and inventive food in LA right now).

    1. Animal is a great restaurant and would be fun for a birthday, but I agree that it is not a very big restaurant and I am not sure they would be able to accomodate you. Mozza is also a great restaurant and the food is as good as the Pizzeria. I believe they also have a private room, which may be a possibility.

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        +1 for Pizzeria Mozza. Wonderful food every time.

      2. With a group that size, the best choices from your list would be AOC, the Bazaar, Pizzeria Mozza (definitely ask about the private room there), or Playa (back room). You might also want to look at Fig & Olive or Mezze.

        1. don't mean to complicate things further, but The Eveleigh has a terrific table in the back that would easily accommodate your party (i think it seats 12 or 14). great food, great vibe, and you'll be right on Sunset Blvd if you want to go someplace else after dinner. plus, it's pretty much a straight shot up San Vicente from your hotel to get there.

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            Have not been, but know many who have been very critical of Red O. From experience, Fig & Olive can have the worst service in the City. Eveleigh is a great vibe, but not special food wise. Red Medicine is great, but to me not really the place for a 40th BDay. Bazaar makes a lot of sense and is a fun scene and creative food. Il Picollino is another great choice for both food and vibe, if you are looking Italian. As is Sotto. Animal does not have a bar so, for me its out for a party.

          2. I appreciate the suggestions - keep 'em coming if you think of anything else. The only reason I'm hesitating on the Bazaar is because we did it for my husband's bday 2 yrs ago so it would be like a repeat of his birthday all over again! But it's such a natural fit it's hard to ignore as an option. Saam is out of our budget range! Thank again.

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            1. re: SD Foodie

              Check out Red Medicine if food is your highest priority.

              1. re: Servorg

                what do you think of Il Piccolino?

                1. re: Thor123

                  Il Piccolino would definitely be my choice but the OP wants "a lively place" for a party crowd. Not exactly the atmosphere the OP is looking for.

                  1. re: latindancer

                    Actually, they have large round tables in the front room that get pretty lively. They also pour great drinks.

                    1. re: Thor123

                      Their drinks, their food, the wonderful, consistent service and the impeccable personal attention is incomparable, in my opinion. The owner makes it happen and I would never hesitate to send someone there. For a major 40th I would recommend they check it out first to make sure it's the type of atmosphere they want.