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May 15, 2012 01:36 PM

Bhm - Where do you buy your spirits?

I understand that the minimum pricing is set by ABC in Alabama, right? With that said, are there any particular area liquor stores that have great selections of quality bourbons, whiskey and/or scotch? I know that ABC carriers a number of call brands, but not really high ones and you have to order a whole case for other items not on their price chart?

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  1. I always use the state store. But it probably depends on the WHICH state store that you go to (e.g. choose a Mtn Brook one over a Roebuck one). I saw a Pappy 20 year recently on the shelf (it was a first!). But they routinely have Makers Mark, Knob Creek & Bookers. Admittedly, I'm a fairly recent bourbon convert, so maybe these aren't high-end enough for you?

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      I'm actually looking for scotch so the mtn brook abc is a good idea. But bookers and basil hayden are higher end bourbons I like. Now if they were just not so expensive here. Thanks sheilal!

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        Sorry for the thread derailment, but I simply don't buy here. I go to Atlanta. I've never found specialty spirits here that I've sought. And the prices?!!!!

    2. Greens in ATL
      Richey's in Pensacola

      That's all you need to know. For liquor and beer selections. ABC board makes it near impossible to get large quantities of top shelf liquor in this state.

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          Thought I'd be snarky and say "Atlanta" but two of you beat me to it! Greens, for sure. But if anyone has a local suggestion, it'd be nice to tide us over here.

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            Liquor prices in Alabama are outrageous. I can buy a 1.75L bottle of bourbon in Arizona for less then what a 0.5L costs anywhere in Alabama.

            Pritchard's Rum made about 30 minutes North of me here in Alabama costs half as much in Arizona.