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May 15, 2012 01:33 PM

Norwalk Name your favorite joints including ethnic, hamburger and seafood please why how much and what is your favoite dish PLEASE!

can't wait to hear and also bakery wit dark chocolate and spanish too!

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  1. Valencia Luncheria
    Burger Bar
    Tacos Mexico

    1. For pasta (and a fantastic wine list) it has to be Pasta Nostra. My favorite dish is seasonal, and might not be there right now.... it is a butternut squash pasta stuffed with ricotta.  It is kind of like a big tortellini twisted into a bow.  The butternut squash is part of the pasta, not the stuffing.  This dish was served over a layer of thin prociutto on the bottom of the plate and topped with a brown butter sauce with a sprinkling of warm walnuts.  The chef has told me that this dish will always be a fall/winter menu item because the quality of butternut squash isn’t good enough in spring and summer.  You can bet I’ll be on the lookout for this dish again once Fall comes back around....

      1. Nicholas Roberts Bistro
        Short Ribs, my fave
        Crab Cakes, my pals

        Bakery: The SoNo Bakery & Cafe has the goods. I'm off sugar now and it's my loss. The ham and cheese croissants are the things dreams are made of.

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          Tacos Mexico - Enchiladas Verdes, Tacos, Pollo al Limon

          Luncheria Valencia - Just about anything, with a butter and cheese arepa on the side

          Letizia's Pizza

        2. Wave Hill Bakery and Cafe.