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May 15, 2012 12:05 PM

Dessert Tonight Post 15 East

Heading to 15 East again for early dinner (6:15). Considering rain situation, looking for fairly close dessert options afterwards. Only thing that comes to mind is Gramercy Tavern, but would prefer something closer, as I want to wear my ridiculously high heels tonight : (

Maybe ABC Kitchen? Aldea? Not a big dessert person so never ordered at either. The BF is though.

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  1. ABC Kitchen would be good if he is into the sundae there.

    Union Square Cafe is also quite close. Maybe Gotham?

    1. Tocqueville has a pretty lovely, albeit expensive, dessert menu....

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        Tocqueville is right next door. Considering the whether, I second Tocqueville. I may be there tonite also.