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May 15, 2012 10:50 AM

Craftsman on Lake

We went for dinner on Mother's Day. It was pretty good.

The pork rillettes appetizer with house-made mustard was good and the barley+asparagus+pickled herring salad was terrfic. The green salad with candied walnuts also very good. The kitchen did good work with ramps and fiddleheads.

The hangar steak with fries was very good.

The pasta special was good, not great, the house-made papardelle was the highlight. The flavorfree sausage might have been the low..

The pork chop was good, the mashed potatoes and sauces under it were better.

The flavors of the gnocchi with smoked chicken were a bit muddled.

The Riondo Prosecco we drank with the meal was tasty. The waitress was good, but a bit swamped one or two times during the meal.

The highlight? The hangar steak and the weather and general atmosphere of the out-door seating was terrific. Private space, but you can hear the hustle and bustle (traffic) of Lake street.

They do a lot with local sourcing and making things in-house. This was my third trip. The wine list was much better than the first visit some two years ago, though still not as good as the food or the beer selections. I thought the white wine choices were more interesting than the red wines. I'd definitely go back for a fourth trip.

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  1. I had a veal chop there recently that was superb. Also they were very accomodating about doing special orders for my somewhat picky kids.

    1. For me, the highlights of the place are the drinks and the charcuterie. Their drinks have top notch ingredients, are well made and bursting with flavor. The charcuterie is homemade, tasty, and a good variety. I found the hanger steak and fries to be pleasing but rather lacking in refinement. The biggest negative for me is the location - I have to drive miles away from 35W down Lake street to get there - not fun.

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        For those of us who live closer, thank you for making the drive and giving them your business.

        1. re: Brad Ballinger

          +1 on the drinks and charcuterie comment.
          There was a lull after Chef Phillips left, but they've certainly regained solid footing. Have had several solid to fantastic pasta dishes in recent memory.