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May 15, 2012 10:37 AM

80th birthday celebration at Chinese restaurant in Toronto

We will be celebrating our father's 80th birthday this summer. We are looking for a private room at a Chinese restaurant for 15 adults and 4 children, ages 2 to 10. Our main concern is quality food and friendly service. Location and price is not a factor.

I was told to check out Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine. Your thoughts?

Need your suggestions! Many thanks.

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  1. No!! No!!! No!!! to Grand Lake. Very mediocre execution and food!! Much better food elsewhere!

    If food is your primary criteria, I would choose O'Mei for something a little less traditional. They will give you a private room and service for a private party is always good. The House Special Sauteed Giant Lobster should impress! If wanted, you can opt for the lobster 3-4 ways!

    If seeking something a little more up-scale, then Casa Imperial, Casa Victoria and Yang's should meet your criteria! All of them have pre-set banquet menus and quality of food for all three are pretty high, by GTA standard. For food, Emperor is another good choice, however, I'm not sure they have a 'private room' as such. They do have movable walls which they can transform certain section of their dining room.

    Have fun deciding!!

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      We had a private birthday dinner at Casa Imperial. We got a nice private room. And excellent attentive service. Go see the manager and have him show you the 'rooms'. For birthdays, they will also serve the lucky steamed peach buns. And you can bring your own wine for a corkage fee.

      My parents loved the food and service. And still rave about the dinner to this day. I think spending over $600 or so gets you a private room.

    2. Congratulations! My parents will turn 80 this year too :D

      I would recommend Lai Wah Heen at Metropolitan Hotel. They have private rooms available.
      They are now having new menus! They will have bird nest soup instead of shark's fins. Eco-friendly! Unfortunately, Lai Toh Heen was closed last year. it was my favourite :(

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      1. re: devilfoodlover

        OK, I know this is water under the bridge, but why was Toh always praised and Wah always panned? I never understood this given they were run by the same people. And if Wah was less popular why would they close Toh?

        It seems almost as silly as saying "I love Loblaws but I hate Superstore"!

        1. re: TexSquared

          Ref: Wah vs Toh. Its location, location, location! Also, parking, parking, parking!!

          Service and decor at LWH might be a bit more polished and upscale than most Chinese restaurants. However, for the same quality of food and ingredients, LWH is way overpriced compare to their uptown competitors!. In fact, take Emperor for example, their food, though less sophisticatedly presented, is tastier and at 2/3 of the price much better value! Service provided by them for a private party is equally attentive and though a small point, they use Riedel stemware for wine!!

          For the older generation Chinese. Sharksfin for the big 80 birthday banquet is almost a MUST!! To them, face and good omen trumps eco-consideration any day!! Besides, its been proven nowadays that Bird's Nest, like preserved salted fish tends to promote cancer cell amongst elderly Chinese and should be avoided!

      2. For reference, here's a meal I had at Casa Victoria last year. Not sure which set we got or how much it cost.

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        1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

          Looked familiar!! I think I had that banquet menu at a wedding?! However, my version was a whole suckling piglet. Believe its $1200 per table?!

        2. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! We will look into each of the mentioned restaurants.