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Favorite Paper Towel?

I did a search and did not find any thread that discussed one's favorite paper towel. Cheap store brands? High end brands (Viva, Bounty, etc.)...what does the trick for you? I'm a Viva guy myself.

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    1. The one at the dollar store.

      1. Big white rolls from Target that are perforated into short sheets so you only tear off as much as you need.

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        1. re: escondido123

          I hate those! I always end up pulling off more than I need. I'm sure it's a personal problem....

          I always look for the ones that are made with recycled content.

          1. re: 512window

            Wait, you hate the "short sheets" kind because you tear off more than you need? I don't get it.

          2. re: escondido123

            I agree, any roll that is clearly 'pick-a-size.' Such a pain to constantly use more than you need when just a small piece will do.

          3. If nothing is on sale, I usually buy the store brand, but my favorite for cleaning is Sparkle(it's often on sale, and even not on sale it's not one of the premium- priced brands), because it's pretty much lint-free, and is a good all-around paper towel. If I have a choice, I buy white, because I hate the idea that I am ingesting ink when I nuke bacon.

            It drives my mother nuts, but my dad ALWAYS has a roll of Viva paper towels right next to the "regular" paper towels, that he uses for kleenex- they don't buy or use Viva for any other reason. They ARE really thick and soft, but...

            1. Without question, for me it's Bounty. The select-a-size is preferrable so I don't waste.

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                Bounty for me too. The ads are absolutely true - it's stronger and more absorbent than the others. It's not the cheapest but it's the best. Offsetting the cost is the fact that you'll use less sheets to do the same job.

                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  Totally agree, Bob. I've used them for years and when we go off on vacation and rent a condo or house somewhere, I'm always so disappointed in the paper towels they provide that I'll go out and buy my own when I shop for groceries! Now thats a paper towel snob...tee hee. They are stronger, softer and more absorbent, as you say. I've found nothing else to compare. It's like my mayo. Has to be Best Foods and nothing else :=)

              2. I like the Costco brand. One package of these lasted me a year. (maybe 12 rolls in the package?)

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                  1. Any select-a-size; Bounty tends to be a go-to.

                      1. Without question, its gotta be Viva!

                        1. Only Costco! Love the bigger size of the sheets!

                          1. Costco paper towels....cheap and awesome!
                            I recycle my paper towels if I dry out my stainless steel sink, or wipe the island down..etc
                            Keep them underneath the sink and my DH sings 'save it, save it'' hee hee

                            1. The kind that come in rolls.

                              1. This is actually one of the few things I'm brand-loyal about! I like Marcal. They're cheap, and they're made from recycled paper - and they have been for decades, not just because it's trendy now. I love that!

                                1. For my Grandpa it HAD TO BE Viva. I use whatever is cheapest for spills, Viva for smoothing icing on cakes. And, of course, every time I buy a roll of Viva I think of Grandpa and it makes me smile.

                                  1. Brawny pick-a-size. I like to be able to take a smaller towel when I don't need so much. Viva is actually too thick for me, they almost feel fuzzy and I worry about lint. Brawny seems almost as good as Bounty, but lower price. I was getting Scott Natural for a while, they were the best recycled I had tried, but my usual grocery stopped carrying them, so back to Brawny.

                                    1. The kind that isn't made out of trees and can last for years by simply running it through the washing machine!

                                      1. What I now look for in paper towels are the half-sheet size towels where the sheets are perforated at half sheet increments.

                                        The main brand I've found this feature is the Target house brand.

                                        1. I used to love Viva - but Select-A-Size by Bounty won me over. I use paper towels ALL the time and prefer to use the smaller sheets vs. the bigger.

                                          1. husband buys them in bulk.

                                            I buy them by what's the prettiest or the most whimsical design, I know so dumb, but I like to open the pantry and grab pretty ones, it's just me.

                                            ^^^ years and years ago, I had a need for sending something to a very sick woman every single day. I'd write a poem or simple note, buy a pretty inspirational card, send her a single flower or something I found special like maybe a pretty photo of a beautiful bird from a great magazine. at that time, one paper towel company was printing inspirational sayings with pretty pictures that had something in common with the printed verse. I loved those and often simply sent her one of them wrapped in an envelope. I never signed any of them so they were annonymous. no one knew except my husband. I heard she always looked forward to receiving the mail. who would have thought that something as simple as a single paper towel could brighten a day.

                                            1. The joke in Louisiana at present is "for really BIG messes, Sean Payton prefers Bounty!"

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                                              1. Yet another vote here for Costco's own "Kirkland" brand paper towels (as well as their toilet paper). We NEVER buy any other brand unless it's an absolute emergency.

                                                1. Enthusiastic vote for Viva. Bounty may be considered high end, but I find Viva more absorbent.

                                                  1. Not brand loyal. Cheapest is my goal and unit pricing doesn't work for paper towels. If unit priced on the shelf by the foot, then there are single ply, double ply, etc. so it's difficult to be price compare. If by the sheet, there are different size sheets,so again ,a pain to price shop. I get so anxious I just grab a multi-pack that is on sale or else the store's brand.

                                                    1. I avoid using paper towels in lieu of small washcloths, rags, and dishtowels.

                                                      So when I do use paper towels I like the experience to be as punitive as possible. I like the "brown guilt" seventh generation version.

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                                                      1. re: JudiAU

                                                        Unfortunately, when you have 3 elderly dogs & 4 cats (2 extremely elderly) - "small washcloths, rags, and dishtowels" simply won't cut it. Paper towels - & good-quality ones - are a necessity. :)

                                                        1. re: JudiAU

                                                          plus those items are a breeding ground for bacteria - to me it defeats the purpose. Kinda hard to clean with a cloth seething with pathogens!

                                                        2. Used to like Brawny, but they are made by Georgia Pacific which is now owned by the Koch brothers, and I can't bring myself to hand my money to them. So I'll try just about anything else.

                                                          Now nearly everybody seems to have "pick-a-size" so that's no longer much of an issue.

                                                          1. Bounty Select-a-Size followed by the versions from Target and Walgreens. My dad prefers Viva for its softness and absorbency but it has a funny smell.