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You are leaving San Diego forever; where would you eat?

Well, maybe not forever. But both my boyfriend and I will be moving from our beloved hometown of San Diego - he in a week, I in a few months. Any suggestions of where we should go before we leave? Or, alternatively, where would you eat if you were leaving SD?

We already made reservations for TBL3 at George's, had omakase at Kaito, eaten tacos at Mariscos German and Las Cuatros Milpas and Carnitas Snack Shake, had poutine at the Linkery, brunched at Cafe Chloe and Farmhouse Cafe, devoured pizza at Bruno's, etc - just to give you an idea of our palette :) We will eat pretty much anything and everything as long as it tastes delicious.

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  1. Barbacoa at Aqui es Texcoco
    Slow Braised selection at Super Cocina

    1. My husband and I did the same thing. We ate our goodbye to San Diego ( and then ended back here after two years away.) Your list is pretty great, but here are a few more from our playlist. --the back palapa at Don Bahia Bravo in Bird Rock, late sunny afternoon, with beers, fish tacos, and that tiny view of the Pacific. --The Fishery and El Pescador, where I felt like I was saying goodbye to west coast waterman culture. --and our two final meals: AR Valentien for champagne and lunch on the terrace amidst the Torrey pines and The Coffee Cup in La Jolla, for one last breakfast before we drove away.

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        Pho Hiep, Phuong Trang, Pho Cow Cali, Saigon, Pho Hoa, etc. I'm certain wherever I move next won't have that.

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          Even better and more unusual: Bun bo hue (spicy beef noodle soup) and bun rieu (seafoody noodle soup) at Mien Trung, There's a lot of pho around, but these two soups are hard to find and done better at Mien Trung than anywhere else.

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              Not the new location. Bun Bo Hue at the two is comparable - but Bun Rieu at Mien Trung is pretty amazing.

      2. Uni pasta at Izakaya Sakura is one of my favorite local dishes,

        1. Carne asada at Rudy's in Solana Beach

          1. Watching the sunset at Swami's while sipping a nice California sparkling wine, J perhaps, of course using the appropriate discreet container

            1. Pozole at Pozoleria Dona Maria. Pork Larb at Sab E Lee. Italian sausage sandwich at Pete's Meats.

              1. I'd add a pizza from Cafe Calabria, a steak from Cowboy Star, a Turkey Cobb and Cinnamon Roll from Con Pane, clam chowder and a ham sandwich from Tiger! Tiger! (a newly discovered treat), and breakfast at The Mission including potatoes,

                1. I would hit the taco shops hard - even though we often disparage taco shops, they don't really exist anywhere else (at least not like they are here). I'd get the rolled tacos from Lucy's Taco Shop on C Street, carne asada tacos from Tacos El Gordo in National City, the carne asada burrito at La Posta (around 2 a.m.), breakfast burritos from Dos Brasas on San Diego Ave., tacos adobada from Mexican Fiesta on India Street, and. . .well, if you've lived here long enough, you have your favorite places and favorite items. Its always the little things - the foods you eat on a regular basis - that you miss the most.

                  1. Hatsu, Teba & Horamon @ Yakyudori
                    Shio Ramen @ Yakyudori
                    Shio Ramen @ Santouka
                    Carne Asada @ Rudy's
                    Menudo & Carnitas @ Las Brisas Tacqueria
                    Cherry mini-lattice pie @ Elizabethan Desserts
                    Matcha cream-pan and Yuzu cream-pan @ SunFlour Bagel
                    Crabcake @ Oceanaire
                    Dinner @ Okan
                    As much Pho as I can eat @ Pho Cow Cali and Pho Saigon
                    Com Tam & Bun Bo Hue @ Pho Cow Cali
                    Several lunches @ Luong Hai Ky (Mira Mesa only)
                    Olive oil pizza @ Bruno's (yeah, "checkerboard Italian", but will still miss it)
                    A dry-processed single-origin Ethiopian as a Ristretto and a Macchiato @ Zumbar Coffee
                    Cheeseburger @ Burger Lounge
                    Omakase @ ıɥsns oʇıɐʞ
                    Double Double @ In-N-Out
                    Pozole w/home made Tortillas @ Menuderia Don Vincente
                    Mixto & Pulpo Tacos @ Mariscos German/Alex
                    Smoked Albacore @ Fish House Vera Cruz
                    Choix Cream @ Nijiya Market

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                        I went to the Mira Mesa Luong Hai Ky once and wasn't impressed (don't remember what we got). Are there any particular dishes that you like?

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                          I've found very little that I didn't like on their menu, so perhaps it's mostly a matter of different tastes for different folks, or perhaps different expectations. I classify this place as VN-style Chinese, FWIW, and for me it was mainly a lunch destination for when I was working in the area...

                          I'm particularly hooked on their garlic-chili pork chop, (read "crack"), though it tends to be on the over-salted side, though not enough to spoil "the hook".

                          But I also enjoy their egg noodle soups (dry style), especially with their roasted fowl (of which they feature a surprisingly diverse selection of fowl).

                          Note, however, that their Char-Siu is forgettable, and their Won Tons or dumplings are usually serviceable and sometimes even good. But I really like their alkaline noodles as well as their broth, and their roasted birds are, well, spectacular, and this is what puts it on the list for me. (They really do a good job with their roasted fowl and one would be missing out for not trying it at least once...)

                          When their noodle soups are ordered dry it's almost like getting three dishes in one - a bowl of soup, a separately plated "noodle salad", and a separately plated protein item, in this case a piece of roasted fowl.

                          In S.D. I find many times we have to be happy with what we can find, less we miss out entirely wanting more. SGV we certainly are not... Perhaps LHK (in MM) is my "Super Sergio"... :)

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                            "In S.D. I find many times we have to be happy with what we can find, less we miss out entirely wanting more. SGV we certainly are not... Perhaps LHK (in MM) is my "Super Sergio"... :)"
                            True, true.

                            Having lived around SGV for a few years, and having Chinese-style Chinese whenever I visit family on the east coast, maybe my taste buds haven't yet been calibrated to VN-style Chinese.

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                          Pho.... Burger Lounge.... In-N-Out... the OP just said leaving SD not dying and leaving SD. I'd definately hit Super Sergio's

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                            BTW just went to Santouka today for their Shio Ramen - all was well but their noodles; who hijacked their noodles? (Anyone else notice anything along these lines?)

                          2. Potato taquitos at Acqi es Texcoco
                            Lobster tacos and cold Pacifico's on the back patio of Bahia's..
                            Breakfast at the La V patio overlooking LJ Cove
                            Marg's and queso mushroom app at Hacienda de Vega
                            Chile relleno with beans at Fidels
                            Duckett's bucket of steamers, dozen kumamoto oysters, cheesy bread and a couple of Anchor Steams
                            Pan fried tofu dumplings at Dumpling Inn with tons of sambal and brown sauce to dip
                            Scallop sandwich at Point Loma Seafoods

                            And the finale....Mussel Bisque en croute at Dobson's with a bottle of Shafer Hillside Select

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                              I'm gonna take a wild guess that the duckett's bucket + oysters + cheesy bread + anchors is at The Fish Market...

                              Awesome list.

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                                oops...yes, The Fish Market...thanks bizz!

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                                Had to throw that in there, didn't you?

                                I type this in a loving way...but I'm going to remove the apostrophe from your keyboard for apostrophe abuse.

                              3. Carnitas Snack Shack for sure.

                                TJ Oyster Bar in Bonita. Ate there for first time over the weekend. Easily a top 10 restaurant in san diego if not top 5.

                                If I was leaving san diego forever?

                                I would just eat a Big Tub of Guacamole for dinner at 6:30pm and say goodbye.

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                                  "I would just eat a Big Tub of Guacamole for dinner at 6:30pm and say goodbye."


                                2. Lobster B.L.T. at the Bali Hai and an Ice cold bloody Mary, all while staring out the window at that beautiful sky line of ours. That's what I had the last time I left S.D. Killer sandwich by the way. Its like 12 bucks and you can't beat that view.

                                  1. My wife and I are facing the same dilemma.

                                    I know that a trip to Kaito is something I plan to make before we leave.