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May 15, 2012 09:39 AM

Salute ( glen ridge) vs, Rose Mediterranean ( west caldwell)

Party of six going to one of the above this Sunday May 20. Any suggestions as to which you would picK? Give preference to food over ambience.
Favorite dish at each?

thanks in advance

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  1. Guessing you mean Salute in Montclair. I've been to Salute several times, as recently as this past Saturday night, and it never disappoints. You can mix up small plates, pizzas, pastas, entrees and share or order individually.
    Small Plates to get - artichokes, clams, meatballs, octopus. They usually have some specials too. Saturday was seared scallops with an avocado relish - great! I've tried many of the pizzas - love the arugula and speck. Pasta favorite is with fennel sausage. Big warning - place is super loud.

    I've only eaten at Rose once about a year ago. It was good, not that memorable. We enjoyed the Duck/Figs and Tuna entrees - don't really remember the starters. It has been well reviewed of late, including in this past Sunday's NY Times.

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      Salute seemed more like a place for small plates where you can get some pizza etc.. It's loud but not a bad choice.
      M-Rose is more of place where you would get your own meal and i think a bit more upscale. Food is good probably no better or worse than Salute just different. I just like sitting outdoors at M-Rose and the service was better and I liked the overall experience . I really enjoyed the fish specials there.

      I think Frank Anthony's located exactly in between both of them on Bloomfield Ave in Verona is better than both and they also have outdoor seating. FA's has some of the best pizza you will ever have and their fresh mozz is off the charts.

      Parking in Montclair can be a nightmare.

      1. re: bifpocaroba

        we seem to frequent the same places bif but i do not agree with you about frank anthony's while frankie makes a great pizza and their deli/catering is a cut above the restaurant is terribly inconsistant. Tony doesn't know what type of restaurant he wants to run. The last time we were there I had the steak salad and asked for it meduim rare thinking i would be getting a flank, skirt or sirloin for the money we were charged but a 1/4" thin minute steak came out flat on top of the greens cooked through. The double cut pork chop was last priced at $27.00 and the cut was not worth paying that much. My brother-in-law refuses to go back after he had risotto that was flavorless and the time before that a pasta dish that was inedible. We were all for FA moving to the new location and ate there frequently through the changes in chefs and menu items but for us it's the deli or the pizza only!

        1. re: Epicurium

          If I'm spending that sort of money ($27) on an entree I'm not going to FA's. It just doesn't seem to be that kind of place to me. At FA's I usually stick w/ the pizza which along with Star is amongst the best I've had and the app plates are very good including the made on the premises mozzarella. I had the hanger steak there a few months back and thought it was very good. I also had a Sicilian Pork Chop that was great (and not $27). Both were reasonably priced around $16-18 from what i recall. I try to 'stay in the lane' when i go to various places, especially if the dinners are priced high, when I'm at Pals Cabin I'm not ordering pasta, at FA's I'm not spending a lot for my entree but overall we have always had a very good experience there. I like the owners, the staff and the atmosphere especially when the patio is open.

          1. re: bifpocaroba

            my point exactly regarding the $27.00 entree which we did not discover until the check was presented

              1. re: bifpocaroba

                $27 entree = NYC prices? I don't know about that, I live in Hunterdon County and I see prices like that quite frequently, on both sides of the river.

                1. re: flourgirl

                  I work in the city and dine out often I know the prices, I was at Les Halles the other night and paid $21 for the their house special the steak frites, so yes I stand by my statement.

                  1. re: bifpocaroba

                    I'm not saying you're wrong about prices being charged in NY- I'm saying it sounded like you are saying that those prices are too high for NJ. And I know prices too, and there are tons of restaurants in NJ that charge those kinds of prices for entrees.

    2. Salute was our choice. Best course was the roasted octopus. Tender , yet firm texture with a good taste of the sea. Portion was enough for the two of us to share. Shared pasta course was ok, needed more porcici assertiveness. Shared meat course, the tuscan meatloaf was weak , not much flavor outside of some added spice.