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iced coffee 2012

Open to any suggestions, whether it's for iced coffees, iced capps, granita, fredo frappe or anything else that's coffee-based and iced. Even recs for affogato or eiskaffee work for me. I like the affogatos at Soma (dulce de leche gelato is great in affogato, and they'll let you drop any of their gelatos into their espresso), Pizzeria Libretto Danforth and Queen Margherita.

I like the frappes at 521, Cafe Frappe and Athen's Pastries on the Danforth, and the fredos at Gatto Nero on College.

Look forward to trying out some of your favourites around town!

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  1. A tip for getting a "decent" iced coffee at McDs ($1 for medium size for the summer).

    I order it - Half Ice (otherwise it is way too much ice), milk (instead of cream) and no sweetener (find it way too sweet).

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        I didn't know you could customize. Wonder if they would do half-sweet? Although I actually enjoy it just the way it is, it is a tad rich & sweet so I will try this. Thanks!
        I notice that Second Cup is doing iced coffee this year. Gonna try it. I tried Tim Horton's twice last year and they had no clue how to do iced coffee, although I can confess to enjoying the occasional Iced Capp, which I order with milk instead of cream.

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          I actually ordered a black iced coffee at McD's on Saturday and got milk and sugar on the side so I could doctor it to taste.

      2. I tried Second Cup's iced coffee. It is a dark roast brewed quite strong. I think it could be good with at least 25% milk. I asked for milk and "half-sweet". She added very little milk (bad) and barely discernable sweetener (good), The only way I would get it again would be to ask for it 3/4 full and add my own milk until it reached latte colour.

        1. Sam James iced latte is great, either harbord and clinton or bloor and maybe euclid

          1. Love affogato! Will have to try Soma's... extra yum dulce! Since you're downtown and have a brave, sweet tooth, you could give the Vietnamese style ice coffee's a try. It's the super strong Vietnamese drip/squeeze style coffee mixed with tonnes of syrupy condensed milk while hot, then iced. Most of the Bahn Mi places in Chinatown have them I think.

            My fave is on Spadina:
            Coffee's are passed all the prepared sweets (awesome) and hot food counters, in the fridges you'll see take out cups of coffee & condensed pre-mixed. Just grab a cup and take it to the cash. They'll load it up with ice, seal it with the "bubble tea" style wrapper top and hand you a pointed straw to poke thru once it's melted enough for you.
            Warning: it's super strong & sweet so be prepared to jet off to the moon if you don't wait for the ice to melt a bit first!

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              I'll try that next time I make a sandwich run :)

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                Thanks! I haven't found a Vietnamese ice coffee I've loved (yet), but I'll give your favourite place a try next time I'm nearby. Can it be ordered less sweet, ? ;-)

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                  Generally all vietnamese iced coffees are ready to go and presweetened, so I'm guessing no adjusting, only the amount of ice, which you do wants lots of because it's super duper extra strong coffee. And the sweetening is condensed milk... think nanaimo bar sticky sweet!

              2. Had an affogato at Green Beanery one hot summer day last year - it was fantastic. I also really like the iced lattes from Rooster Espresso - it's just espresso and cold milk (I don't like sweetened drinks) but they froth the milk, which is a nice touch. Saw one at Te Aro the other day that looked quite good as well.

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                  Thanks peppermint pate ;-). Look fwd to trying out your recs.

                  I recently tried a NOLA style iced coffee at Blue Bottle in the States. Haven't tasted anything like it in TO, but I'm hoping I find something somewhat similar somewhere, although I'm not aware of any coffee shops adding chicory to their iced coffee in TO..

                2. They forecast that this summer is going to be extra hot and humid where I am, and so I will probably stick to something simple that worked well last summer. A regular espresso set in a big glass of ice, with a splash of cream.

                  I always had to fully explain and negotiate with the barrista to get this, though. Does anyone know what this might be called?

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                    Is the espresso in an actual small espresso cup and then set in a glass of ice?

                  2. The "iced brewed" at the One coffee shop (next to the The Only on Danforth) is really good. I added just a splash of milk, no sweetener required. They also have iced lattes but I haven't tried them.

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                      Sounds good, thanks for the tip! Hope to try it this weekend.

                      Also got a lead from a Twitter friend, for Cocoa Latte on St. Clair W. http://www.cocoalatte.ca/Menu.html

                    2. FWIW I like to make my own so that way I know what's going in it. I use the "Toddy" cold brew system which is easy to do and simply works. I buy Stumptown beans from Lit (preferably Central and South American beans), but Starbucks beans also work. Heck use whatever beans you want just make sure they are ground for French press (1 lb. max - 12 oz. recommended). Once "brewed" my coffee concentrate is ready to use and it can last me about 2 weeks depending on how much I use. Make a simple syrup, add about a tbsp or two and add whatever milk you want to the concentrate (1:3 ratio of concentrate to added liquid). I tell you it'll be the best iced coffee you've ever had.

                      BTW I added a 1/4 cup of concentrate to a shake I made of bananas, almond milk, pure cocoa powder and vanilla extract. Wow. I was sort of going for a Starbuck's Vivano, but way better.

                      1. My favourite is the iced coffee drinks at Moonbean in Kensington Market. They add coffee ice cubes so the flavour doesn't get diluted.