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May 15, 2012 09:30 AM

made-from-scratch lemonade or iced tea- 2012

open to any suggestions!

old thread:

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  1. I had some excellent Lemonade at Ruby Eats a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if they always have it though.

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    1. Ruth's Chis Steak House definitely brews real iced tea. You have to request it (and they'll make it to order) since unlike in the U.S., up here "iced tea" is assumed to be Nestea style.

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      1. re: TexSquared

        @TexSquared - ITA with the "Nestea" style iced tea...I cannot drink the stuff. I make gallons of sun tea myself in the summer and it peeves me to no end that I cannot order it anywhere...and I can't afford Ruth's Chris.....but I'm off to the US for the weekend, and will enjoy all I can over there!!

        1. re: Evenshorter

          I hear you. My wife is American and it bothers her to not be able to get real iced tea in restaurants here. We definitely make iced tea at home and drink it all the time.

          If she must have it at a restaurant other than RC, she orders hot tea and two pint glasses filled to the top with ice. So that's a workaround you could try in future.

          Enjoy your trip!

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            a bit late for this i know but if you go to the states again try the Arizona Southern Style sweet tea,

        2. Come and Get It, the pop-up place at Queen & Spadina has a nice iced tea. It comes unsweetened. But they let you sweeten it yourself with a "watermelon syrup" that adds a nice subtle sweetness.

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          1. re: num nums

            thanks for the tip, I'm always on the lookout for unsweetened iced tea. Will give them a try.

          2. I like the mint lemonade at 7 Grams, and the lemon orange flower drink at Tabule.

            Also tried the mint limeade at Stockyards, but have to say I prefer the mint limeade at 7 Grams.

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            1. re: prima

              Best iced tea I had was at Perigee restaurant (which unfortunately is no more). Asked the waiter how he made it and he used Blend 103 from Tea Emporium. Give it a try!