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Need help making sauerkraut from scratch

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I recently made some sauerkraut from scratch, and altho it tasted OK, and smelled "pretty much OK", I thot I detected a yeasty aroma. (I only tasted a tiny amount.) I used the appropriate amount of salt for the amount of cabbage I had, and I was scrupulously clean, I sealed the fermenting jar with a bag of brine, etc etc.

Can anyone suggest what I did wrong? And more important, a way to avoid yeast when fermenting cabbage?

I make some (classic style) fermented kosher-style dill pickles, and that process is not nearly as complicated or fussy as cabbage. I wash the kirby cucumbers, weight them down in a plastic (food grade) pail, put in spices and brine, and wait 7--10 days. I tried this method years ago with cabbage (I wrapped the cabbage shreds in cheesecloth), and I don't recall the results, except that the results were not satisfying.

There must be some simpler way. Anyone have suggestions? The taste of fresh ( uncooked) sauerkraut is just fabulous.

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  1. Author of 'Wild Fermentation', which is worth checking out of the library if available, shows the basics in this 6-1/2 (about twice as long as it needs to be) minute youttube.