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May 15, 2012 07:29 AM

Patio Dining

Heading out tonight with some old friends.and looking for a great patio. Food type and cost not a real issue...ideally located between Eglointon and King......Jarvis and Dufferin. Was thinking maybe Terroni on Queen or Harbord Room.
Thanks in advance for assitance.

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  1. I love Southern Accent's patio and food.

    1. Some of my favourite patios (though they are all quite different):

      Caren's Wine Bar
      Boulevard Cafe
      Harbord Room

      1. The Drake has 2 nice patios- its side patio and the Sky Yard.

        Le Select and Marben also have nice patios.

        Noticed the Blake House on Jarvis has a large patio. Haven't tried it yet.

        Rosedale Diner also has a small patio.

        The Pilot also has a good rooftop patio.

        For a chichi patio, I like the patio at George.

        Agree with TorontoJo that Caren's and Boulevard Cafe are great patios. Like the burger at Caren's!

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        1. re: prima

          Origin and Caren's for sure.

          Is Loire on Harbord still open? I always like their patio

          1. re: CocoaChanel

            Yup, Loire is still open! Delicious food! Sidecar has such a nice secluded patio.. but I think I prefer Origin's food; their patio, however, I feel, is too exposed.

        2. + 1 for Sidecar, Caren's Wine Bar, Le Select and Harbord Room (although I've not sat on the patio there yet, I really enjoyed the food). I also enjoy The Pilot, but have never had any food there (just drinks).

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          1. re: jovialetr

            Was wondering, is Caren's patio heated? It looks great and was thinking about going there for a birthday celebration in early-mid October

            1. re: bernardtkchan

              I am 95% sure they have those portable gaslamp heaters around the patio