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May 15, 2012 07:16 AM

Visiting my daughter and need advice

Coming to Everett the first two weeks in June to see my daughter and granddaughter, both she and hubby work on the base. I have been to Seattle area before on business so do have a sense of the area but here is what I need:
a) A restuarant/shop that serves high English tea (my daughters request)
b) A "downtown" or other hotel in Seattle that has a seafood resturant within walking distance. Money is not an object but but would rather not pay $3 for an oyster. Looking for a hotel and resturant where we can walk and not have to drive that has good seafood in a non stuffy " fru fru" atmosphere. We plan to it in the midweek to take the trip in a hotel and stay over for one night.
c) Our 17 year old son is coming with us so also looking for a fun restuarant day/night with him and he is allergic to seafood, so something a teenager may like.

Thanks in advance

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  1. 1/ what you seek is AFTERNOON TEA; high tea is a working class full meal served about 5 pm.
    2/ sadly, good oysters in seattle do run to about $3
    3/ this being seattle, every downtown hotel is surrounded by seafood restaurants; blueacre (7th/olive) is my favorite
    4/ both afternoon tea and quality seafood may be had at the fairmont olympic hotel; shuckers on the ground level is non-frou-frou
    4/ there are any number of sports bars around the fairmont for your teenager and the hard rock cafe is adjacent to the very wonderful pike place market - which is where i'd take the lad
    5/ beware the queen mary tea room in the u-district which reeks of poo from the enormous birdcage in the window.

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    1. re: howard 1st

      You can get good oysters much less than that at happy hour.

      1. re: sweetpotater

        Good point--for instance...

        The Brooklyn
        Metropolitan Grill
        Elliott's Oyster House (3-4 pm, they're 75 cents!)

      2. re: howard 1st

        I couldn't disagree more about the Queen Mary Tea Room . I found it charming in the very most girly, twee kind of way--all English china and chintz and little girls in tiaras having tea with their grandmothers. i don't recall a birdcage, but it certainly didn't smell, if it was there at all. And it certainly didn't put off any of the people who were there enjoying lunch while we were--every table in the place was full within minutes after they opened (so if you go, make a reservation!


        Oh--and the food, and the tea, were excellent!

        If you want something closer to Everett, there's also Elizabeth & Alexander's Tea Room in Bothell . Also lovely and charming in the same flowered-chintz kind of way.

      3. You might consider this for tea: I have not been, but if you want to get out of downtown and maybe include a stop at Alki... or just go to Bakery Nouveau, grab a table and all the pastry you can eat, and have at it :)

        I like oyster happy hour at the Brooklyn, 2nd and university downtown. But Howard is right, most non-HH oysters around town will be $3.

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        1. re: babette feasts

          I like The Brooklyn too, babette. Oysters are impeccably fresh and I also like their beer and wine flights. Oysterfest in October is always a big hit.

        2. Besides the Fairmont, the Sorrento Hotel also does Afternoon Tea. I haven't been, but I've heard good things about it.

          1. Queen Anne tea serves a very nice tea in a traditional tea room setting.
            One suggestion for oysters would be Taylor Shellfish. There is a Homewood Suites very close to the Melrose Market (which has other good dining as well as Taylors). It is not really a full resturant, but they have a nice bar where they will shuck the oysters for you and have great oyster stew if you are in to that.
            If you are going for the oysters this is a good place to go.
            Your son could grab a bit at Homegrown sandwichs in the market at the same time.

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            1. re: PaqpIn

              Thanks for all the fab suggestions, going to spend the weekwnd looking them all up and deciding, So still need a suggestion for my 17 year old son, think I got the english tea , dinner and romantic one day hotel covered even if I have to pay $3 when they are 69 cents in the market within walking distance from my house in Los Angeles and I am a chef so I have opened thousands of oysters in my time. He is in that weird tween age and we will celebrate his 18th bithday there. He not a foodie as well as the seafood allergy, and we have planned a couple of touristy non food things,stopping along the way as we are driving slowly up but although picky about food (he lives for burgers and pizzas) he likes atmosphere. His fave restuarant near our house is Friscos you can look it up online where the waitresses wear basically pink tutu skirts and roller skates and you sit in cut off old cadillac booths, and the ceiling is painted with clouds with 50's icons like Elivis. Food not in my fine dining idea but more of a teenager Dave and Busters or Chucky Cheese but because my four of my five teens are all going to drive up there with us looking for something like that between Everett and Seattle, singing wiaitresses, whatever, kitsy and kind of burger/ shake fry joint.

              1. re: jonesstonehaven

                If you are at that Homewod Suites, you can walk to Johnny Rockets and Gameworks. Both chains, not particularly good or interesting, but teenage boys would probably like it.

                1. re: jonesstonehaven

                  As a chef you really should check out Melrose Market then. Lots of places for you to enjoy. As for your son one suggestion would be Lunchbox Labratory. It is a good burger place with old lunchboxes on the wall and a great staff. They do not sing, but they are nice. There is also Skillet Diner - which is a little more upscale, but still fun.

                  For a divey place that is fun and more what you are looking for - but really does not have all that great food (and is kind of out of the way) there is XXX Root Beer. It is in Issaquah, but if you wanted to go to Snoqualmie Falls or something it could be a place to stop.