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May 15, 2012 06:43 AM

New Orleans for our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Hi All...

Never been to New Orleans before (I'm a CA boy) and I'm in the beginning phases of doing some planning...It will be a winter trip and we will arrive on a Thursday mid day and depart on Tuesday morning. That gives me 5 dinners and 4 lunches.

Our anniversary trips (we take turns planning for each other every year and keep the trip a surprise until the last minute) is always LARGELY based around food... And at this point I've done NO other pre-planning at all...not till the food part is in place!! :) And yes…it’s my year to plan.

So...I need some help here....any suggestions to other threads and/or names of restaurants would be terrific!

Here is what we like---I'm a vegetarian...but do eat wife eats everything except fish (she does eat shellfish) We love Asian...we love fusion...we love experiencing new things and foods...We enjoy local’s types of places as much as the “must go to” top restaurants…

I'm open to any price frame....the best food is sometimes the least expensive....although...I'm also looking for some fancy dinner ideas we will be celebrating!!

Thanks for all the help upfront! I’ve used Chowhound for my 10 of our 20 anniversary trips and I have NEVER been steered wrong….

I'm looking at staying at the W in the French Quarter...and not sure if I'm gonna need/want a car or can just get by with Public transportation....looking into that too!!

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  1. If you like Asian inspired cuisine and fusion you should check out Stella! - we ate there a few years ago for our first anniversary. Also Bayona is wonderful and features a nice mix of influences. I would look at both menus online to see what their vegetarian offerings are but I think these are some very nice options with a good amount of romantic ambience appropriate for celebrating an anniversary. We find Galatoire's to be a great place to celebrate our anniversary and do so during every trip we take. You can find some great fish and shellfish dishes there. I hope that helps get you started.

    1. Restaurant August would be my go-to for a first timers anniversary dinner in new orleans. I agree with the poster above me that stella is fantastic, I actually think its the best food in the city, however I dont think its really "new orleans food" so I tend to not recommend it to out of towners wanting to get a taste of new orleans.

      1. Get your room soon. NOLA books up for festivals, conventions and sporting events. I would try to plan on a weekend the Saints are out of town unless you want to see a game. I would have the anniversary dinner at Commander's Palace in the GD. Ask for a table in the Garden Room overlooking the courtyard in the corner next to the big oak tree. I would include Muriel's and Galatoire's for dinner as well as Emeril's. Stella is outstanding also. Clancy's is one of the best places in town but it's a cab ride Uptown. Go to Acme, Felix's, Johnny's and Napoleon House for lunch. You won't need a car. Cabs are inexpensive and the street car will get you to most places.

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          I will offer a +1 for your rec. There is no sense fighting football traffic, if one does not have to.

          I am also a big fan of booking early. Just finished booking everything from airlines, to hotel, to dinners, for July. Just did the same for London and Paris in October. New Orleans is not THAT different, and especially with all of the various sporting events, and festivals. Book early.

          As for recs., well, we are both omnivores, and I border on being a carnivore, so I should withhold my recs., as others will be able to address the menus better.

          Most of all, enjoy!


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            I plan on coming in on 2/13 or 2/14....Mardi Gras is 2/12 and Football will be over......
            Is there anything I should know about coming so soon aftter Mardi Gras???

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              I plan on coming in on 2/13 or 2/14....Mardi Gras is 2/12 and Football will be over......
              Is there anything I should know about coming so soon aftter Mardi Gras??? Thanks!!

            2. I second Commander's for "the anniversary dinner". (Pre-Order the bread pudding souffle and you won't be disappointed)
              For breakfast, Stanley's (on Jackson square) is a great spot. It is run by the owners of Stella, and they do an outstanding job. Also for breakfast, go to Camellia Grill in the French Quarter. It's a diner with typical diner fare, but again, it is an experience.
              For Lunch, I would try Johnny's Po-Boys, it's a dive, but good food. Pretty authentic.
              If you are coming around Christmas time, don't miss walking thru the Roosevelt Hotel and ordering a drink at the Sazerac Bar.
              Also if yall are into Jazz, Jeremy Davenport plays usually on Fri/Sat. nights at the Ritz Carlton bar. It's a nice place to unwind after dinner and have a couple of cocktails.
              Hope this helps!