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May 15, 2012 06:21 AM

Lamb's Club - What was I thinking and why didn't I ask first!?

First, let me salvage some of my dignity by giving some back story. As part of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic we went to an event (and I use that term very loosely) at the bar upstairs at the Lamb's Club. Knowing we would be there and that we would need food afterwards I made a reservation for the restaurant. I should have used the cocktail event as my "canary in the coal mine" and cancelled the reservation but unfortunately I did not. SIDENOTE: I just realized I've already used more time then I think this restaurant warrants so I'm going to cut to the chase.

The space makes you feel as if you are eating in a themed Disneyland restaurant.

The food is uninspired and ridiculously overpriced but the ingredients seemed good quality and the taste was okay but again, zero points for value.

Our (and I hate to use this term because it was undeseved) Captain lacked even a glimmer of interest and seemed to always be looking somewhere else when "interacting" with us.

Every diner in the place looked bored out of their minds. It's also looked like a very touristy bunch. A couple of small children being completely ignored by their mother must have run to the restroom and back at least a dozen times without a hint of discipline.

We could not get out of the place fast enough and after seeing the final bill we realized how many other places we could have gone and gladly spent the money.

I think I better stop now, I'm just getting angry thinking about it.

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  1. I've never been to the restaurant, but the bar upstairs has a delicious cocktail called the Gold Rush. It's absurdly overpriced ($18) but yummy.

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    1. re: brancron

      The Gold Rush was invited by TJ Siegal at Milk and Honey in 2001 and is available at all of Sasha's other bars (Dutch Kills, Little Branch, etc) for a lower price. Plus, most other cocktail lounges should be able to make you one. It's 2 oz bourbon, 3/4 oz fresh lemon juice, and 3/4 oz honey syrup. Shaken and served on the rocks. Not a complicated drink to make.

    2. Sounds as though Geoffrey Zakarian is too busy being a star on the tee vee to care about what's happening to the food at the Lambs Club. That's truly a shame since he's actually a talented chef. The one dinner we had at his defunct restaurant Town was memorable for its deliciousness.

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        1. re: Spiritchaser

          Sad for your experience. I, too, remember having two excellent meals at Town. What a shame that Chef Zakarian must be spending more time on TV than in the kitchen. Curious if his other restaurant, The National, suffers from the same problems. Guess we won't find out since none of will want to take the chance.

          1. re: ellenost

            I quite like the National. By no means a destination restaurant, but in an area starved for good food, it comes in handy sometimes.

            1. re: EBT

              I actually had an awful experience at National. Would never go back.

        2. re: RGR

          Back when I used to live in that neighborhood, I popped into both Town and Country somewhat regularly, I thought they were both solid, fun places - kind of a Midtown version of Gramercy Tavern and the Tavern Room. I was sorry to see them close.

          Unfortunately, his new places are both a snooze. The food may have well-sourced ingredients, and be prepared well enough - but by god they're BORING. It's all technique and no creativity, sadly. Of the Iron Chefs in NYC, his restaurants are hands down the least interesting by a pretty good margin (and yes, I realize I'm including Bobby Flay's restaurants in that assessment - at least there's a little creativity on his plates, if everything at Mesa Grill is too sweet by half...)

        3. Wow- I glanced at their lunch menu yesterday outside on a break from the MCC and kept going since the Steak Tartare was no where to be found.. Glad I did apparently.