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May 15, 2012 02:32 AM

what are the best happy hour food specials in downtown area?

i usually go to devon seafood house and oyster house.Any other restaurant/bar food specials you enjoy during happy hour or certain days you enjoy?What is served,what price?

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  1. sometimes i like going to sampan on 13th. they have a small bites menu, with prices ranging from $2-$4. you can check out the menu online.

    1. Sampan's HH bar food was too salty for my taste. And the place was very noisy and the age range skewed young. (Not surprising as it was a Friday.)

      McCormick and Schmick's HH food is well known, well priced, and highly reputed. If you have no objection to chains, take a look at the menu online:

      PS It's a PDF which is why I had to send you a link. The menu is updated daily. ~C.

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        Thanks for the M&S menu, it looks like some good deals on there. Too bad it ends at 6pm. To OP, I think you said on another thread you don't drink, there is a $3.50 drink minimum shown on the M&S HH menu.

        1. re: barryg

          They way restaurants charge these days.. that's probably one ice tea........ just saying.

      2. Dandelion has a decent selection of snacks on special for happy hour but for my money, buck a shuck oysters is the best happy hour food special.

        1. I like Sampan, too; but I try to go earlier in the week, as it does get very crowded on Thursdays and Fridays. Two people can leave pretty stuffed for about $50 or so (including plenty of drinks).

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            There's also The Cooperage--they have a $5 menu with several sandwiches and apps. Fridays get pretty busy, but you can usually get a seat at the bar, unless an entire office is in there having happy hour.

          2. FWIW, I am very well into my fifth decade and LOVE the happy hour at Sampan. I've never felt out of place there and have been treated royally. (OK, maybe they laugh at me behind my back after I leave, but the experience is still a great one! ;-)

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              Aha, so you're the other old head I see there at happy hour! ;-)