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May 15, 2012 12:39 AM

Going to Sawada and Yoshitake Sushi, my wife doesnt eat sushi! PLEASE HELP

Ok here is the deal,

I love sushi and want to taste the best while on a vacation in Tokyo. My wife cant touch it even if I put a gun to her head. But dinners at these two locations usually take some time and she wants to come with me, drink a few things, hang out, and let me eat her food as well if necessary and we pay for two.

I am afraid this would offend the chefs greatly but I would prefer not going alone so I am stuck.

Can you give me any suggestions as to what I might encounter, and how should go with this,

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  1. I would suggest you you eat solo. Both Sawada and Yoshitake are in Ginza so I assume she can easily spend 2-3 hours shopping in that area. Both sushuya are very small and the chefs would certainly be unhappy if she occupied a space not ordering any food, unless that is you are willing to eat her portion thus doubling your expense there, which is very expensive even for one person.

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      i would eat her portion and double the expense. my main issue is how the chef would react to that. i dont want to be offensive to the chef and his art by making someone sit there not eat anything and the person next to her eats all her food.

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        My wife is sometimes picky about the type of sushi she is willing to eat and I therefore end up picking up and eating the nigiri in front of her in sushi bars. This also happened in sawada and sushiko honten a couple of times. In sushiko honten they noticed this and someone asked us if there was a problem and I made a quick explanation. Itamae Sawada clearly noticed every time this happened too, but did not really make any reactions, but then he does not really speak English and there was no one else to make any inquiry on his behalf.
        I imagine however that for you to eat ALL the nigiri placed in front of her would require some kind of explanation and arrangement beforehand, or it would lead to some serious awkwardness. In any case, it will be an exorbitantly expensive meal for one person at Sawada, and I am willing to bet you will not be able to finish everything.

    2. This is not a good idea. I would suggest having a concierge or whoever is booking for you at these places inquire ahead of time if it is ok for someone to not dine but accompany you. As foreign tourists, they might be willing to accept this. However walking in and eating two portions is going to be awkward, regardless of the expenses you are willing to lay out. Again, inquire and try to arrange ahead of time. Maybe your wife can enjoy tamago, chawanmush, unagi, or other cooked items.?.?. Or find a shop with a broader menu beyond sushi and with table seating.

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        thank you for your suggestions. i have reserved the sushi restaurants for 1 now so that everything goes easier.