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May 15, 2012 12:23 AM

Le Marche

Where is the freshest seafood in the Le Marche region? What other delectables are there to have and what restaurants??

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  1. Le Marche is a quite mountainous region, and I would only look for fresh seafood on the coast itself. While the coastline of Le Marche is not long, it is filled with town after town after town -- so where are you thinking of going?

    The rest of your question is so broad, it takes a book to answer. Fortunately, there are such books. Fred Plotkin's "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler" is a good investment, and you can look online for other books and information about the specialties of Le Marche. The Slow Food guide to osterie in Italy is also a good travel investment. It is written in Italian, but it is easy to decipher the recommended dishes at the recommended restaurants, and it focuses on local specialities.

    1. If you get to Pesaro definitely try La Baita - a wonderful, classic seafood restaurant situated right on the port in town. Fish and seafood preparations are simple but delicious.

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        We had a fantastic dinner in Gabicce Monte at a place called Posillipo in September 2007.
        We were part of a larger group (14 people maybe) and I had no idea that the restaurant was attached to a hotel. The menu was chosen for us - and every morsel was delicious. And the view was gorgeous.