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May 14, 2012 06:20 PM

reservation by e-mail: how long do i wait for a reply?

tried to contact L'Atelier Etoile de JR requesting the 6:30 seating for a night in June. this was almost two weeks ago and i never got a response. do i assume that i am just out of luck and get on with my life?

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  1. I have reserved by email to Les Papilles and Terroir Parisien and heard back within 24 hours. I would give up after two weeks. Have also used La fourchette for a reservation.

    1. Should be able to reserve on their website.

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          When I used the site, I got a confirmation back in one day. I suggest you try again and if no response, assume that the day is filled.

          1. re: Bkeats

            Have you checked your Bulk folder? They may send out a batch at a time.

      1. on a whim, i went to the other website (St Germaine) and got a response within hours. so i guess we're going there instead!

        1. I have found that many French businesses do not use email. They have a site with an email contact, but that's because all site designers do that as a matter of course. It doesn't mean the business will read or reply to email.

          The best at replying tend to be hotels and tourist offices. Restaurants in Paris pretty good, outside of Paris not so good. Guides are the worst. I've written to mountain guides and ski guides. I can think of two sets of tries (emails to 5 and 6 businesses in different parts of France) where I was 1 for 11. That one one who replied turned out to be a Brit. A few I subsequently telephoned verbally shrugged and said they rarely used email. They expected people to call or text them.

          My most recent experience was getting email replies from hotel (actually, a family-run ferme auberge) with a "no availability." Then when I called, there was a room. When I arrived, there were two empty rooms.