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May 14, 2012 06:17 PM

Favorite soy-free vegan dishes?

After eating soy products for years, I've become soy-intolerant. I'm looking for go-to vegan dishes for my weekly menu that are soy-free. What are your favorites?

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  1. we eat a lot of Indian food especially dhals and I've never seen an Indian curry with soy - sometimes westerns suggest swapping paneer for tofu or similar but it's easy enough to avoid those dishes. If it calls for ghee just use cooking oil, I don't know about yoghurt though (I'm vege not vegan but a lot of what I eat is vegan).

    Also falafel is good.

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      I love Indian food. As you mentioned, I do have to make dishes without paneer/ghee/yogurt but most recipes can be made with substitutions. Falafel is always awesome.

    2. dal, use coconut milk instead of ghee

      chick peas stewed with tomatoes and onions, seasoned with cumin and red pepper, stir in spinach just before serving (just long enough to wilt the spinach) and serve over rice or cous cous.

      lentil soup

      curried vegetables. Instead of adding the protein to the curry, Cook half-and-half rice and lentils, and serve curried veggies over it. Hint: make big batches of mango or peach chutney and keep it in the fridge. (In a pinch, use canned whole berry Ocean spray cranberry sauce as chutney) Or serve with ripe sliced mangoes

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      1. - polenta or noodles with mushroom ragu (or Smitten Kitchen's Mushroom Bourguignon)
        - lentil-nut loaf
        - stuffed grape leaves or cabbage
        - baked Greek white beans (gigandes) in tomato sauce
        - imam bayildi
        - chickpea tagine
        - peppers, eggplant or zucchini stuffed with wild rice, barley or quinoa pilaf
        - savory oatmeal
        - ratatouille
        - black bean or other veggie burgers
        - you have tons of options for seitan
        - check out Field Roast products

        and another vote for all manner of Indian dishes (baingan bharta, chana masala, vegetable korma, dal, aloo gobi...)

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        1. hummous, guacamole, all the different assortments of bean-based salsas, black bean chile, vegetable stews made with chickpeas, curried vegetables made with chickpeas, pasta dishes made with Barilla Plus pasta (contains legumes as well as wheat), ghormeh sabzi (a persian dish made with kidney beans), black bean "wet" burritos, . . . . .

          1. This is one of my family's favorite meals. I use frozen chopped spinach instead of cooking fresh baby (b/c I'm lazy) but you get the idea.