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Restaurants With Piano

Hi, all

I'm not always shooting for urbanity, but when I do, I like to dine amid live piano music, which is a nearly extinct thing these days.

Can anyone suggest Manhattan restaurants with a piano (even if you've never actually seen it played)? Exclude, please, obvious performance venues such as Knickerbocker.

River Cafe, years ago, had an awesome pianist; not sure if they do anymore.

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      1. Although it's been a while since i've been there, the Marriott Marquis Eighth Floor had a piano with one of those computers hooked up to it. Live piano, electronic player. Tough to get your favorites played, I suppose.

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        1. Fabio Piccolo Fiore in midtown east.
          Live piano.

          1. I think One if by Land has a piano and a live player.

            1. I happened upon a little place called Mimi's which is on 2nd Street and it proved to be an almost surreal retro experience, the pianist was playing Frank Sinatra and the carafes of wine were unbelievably cheap. Plus, if I can remember after the carafes of wine, the salad and veal was very passable. I recommend it.

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                Yes! I forgot about Mimi's! I used to live in that neighborhood. I haven't been there in a number of years, but the regular piano player is quite... uh.... colorful. He often wears a mumu and has an amazing assortment of hats.

                The food's not bad. It's very typical red-sauce, checkered tablecloth Italian fare. Mimi's is far from a swanky, ivory-tickling experience. More rollicking than dignified, if that's what you're looking for.

              2. If you're interested in an old school vibe, try the branch of Nino's that's near-ish Carnegie Hall (I don't remember the name as it's been a while but I think it's on 58th St). (You know, Nino's - it's the Nino can't be everywhere, or can he? of commercials fame.) Expensive and the food is just okay, but Irving Fields the pianist is pretty famous. And he's like 95 and knows any song you could ask for. The last time I was there we kept trying to stump him. Admittedly we were not very good at challenging him. It was a lot of fun.

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                  My standard stumper for pianists of that generation is a Hoagy Carmichael tune that's in the Guinness book for having the longest song title:

                  "I'm a Cranky Old Yank in a Clanky Old Tank on the Streets of Yokohama with my Honolulu Mama Doin' Those Beat-o, Beat-o, Hirohito Blues"

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                    Jim - By the time you recite all that, your entrée's gone cold!

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                        Oh I'd love to hear if you try that one!

                    1. Cole Porter's piano is in the terrace bar at the Waldorf. Not a restaurant but you can sit and have drinks - I've been there when someone's playing the piano but it's not a regular thing.

                      1. I just remembered that Machiavelli often has a piano. They rotate artists so it's not always a pianist. They have a lovely area by the bar too with lounge type seating, even though it's a pretty small place. I ate there once a few months ago and enjoyed it.

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                          Nice find. Just checked out their web site, with menu and music calendar. Looks great.

                          I got a kick out of their topmost Yelp review: "This is not dinner. This an Experience."

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                            Ha! I agree with that. ;) When we went I remember we thought "how wonderful" that they leave a "calling card" type thing on your table with the performing artist information. They also have (inside the menu) all the information about the artist work around the room (the wall paintings and such). It was really interesting.

                            I know we ordered more than this, but the two things I remember most about eating that night were the artichoke/asparagus/pistachio salad which was different and quite good and the bongo bongo dessert which we loved.

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                              They seem to have a lot of angry low ratings. It's the sort of kooky/quirky place that has complete meltdowns once in a while. Sounds like you can eat well, though, if you catch them on the right night.

                        2. Millesime is another that has live music, although not always a pianist.