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May 14, 2012 05:52 PM

Can you get eastern North Carolina style bbq and cole slaw anywhere in Atlanta?

I'm craving the spicy, vinegar-based stuff like I used to get from Smithfield BBQ in North Carolina. Can I get anything like it here in Atlanta?

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  1. yes==Pig n chic on Buford highway near Clairmont Bill the owner is from NC

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      Bob- I don't think Pig n Chik's typical pork plate is eastern NC style, though. It's been a while since I've been, so I forget if they have an NC-style sauce on the table. My experience with eastern NC BBQ is that it's pulled to threads and pre sauced.

      Dusty's used to be the go-to place for that type of presentation. I'm not sure who does it these days. There are probably several places that have that style of sauce available for a chunked/pulled pork plate.

      1. re: ted

        The defining characteristic of eastern NC style isn't the texture or whether its presauced. (virtually all NC bbq is chopped fairly fine, sometime almost pulverized, and presauced, although in the western part of the state it is also traditionally available "coarse" chopped or sliced) The defining characteristics of eastern style is (1) that it is whole hog, and (2) the sauce, which is usually just vinegar, red pepper flakes or dried chili flakes, salt, pepper and maybe a little brown sugar. Western or Lexington style uses only the shoulders, and the sauce, while very similar, contains a small amount of ketchup or tomato sauce. It is still very thin, however. Both styles are usually presauced and also usually accompanied by an additional cup of sauce (or "dip" in the west).

        I'd be shocked if Pig 'n Chik has true eastern style sauce, but they well might.

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          I am not from NC, but I was at Pig n Chik recently and I believe they did have that sauce.

          I also think Burnt Fork BBQ in downtown Decatur has it. It was the vinegar with the pepper flakes, if I remember correctly.

    2. Bob, Pig 'n Chik is on Peachtree Road near Clairmont.

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        One's on Peachtree Industrial near Clairmont. Original is on Roswell Rd ~1 mi ITP. No 3 is old Dusty's location on Briarcliff at Clifton.

        I like their potato salad- no mustard, lots of black pepper.

        1. re: ted

          i got hungry reading about BBQ so went there again yesterday--3rd time in 2 weeks-- Talked to Bill the owner--he cooks the pig for 12 hrs at 250degrees. The NC sauce is there and it was great--vinegary with flakes of pepper in it.He laos has wht he calls a SC sauce, which has mustard in it, as well as vinegar--then the std sweet suace--it was very good, as was the beers-I lived near Lexington NC for a few years the home of NC BBQ-and other then being pulled vs chopped, its real close--Im sure if one wanted chopped, hed do it

      2. You're right Ted. I was referring to the one on P'tree Ind., which I always call Peachtree(native perogative) I first ate at the one on Roswell right after they first opened and was happy as a pig in slop when the Chamblee location opened in my backyard. I keep forgetting completely about the one that took the long suffering Dusty's location.