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May 14, 2012 05:38 PM

Where to take wife for 10th anniversary in Toronto

She likes fish (not seafood) and vegetarian dishes (not beef, chicken or pork).
Where would be a nice place to take her. We will be in Toronto next weekend.
Location not important. Will have a car.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Woodlot may be a good option as they have a full vegetarian menu and I think it can be a romantic space. It is mid price point at about $150 for two with some beverages.

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    1. re: JennaBean

      only in toronto is $75 p.p. considered a mid range price point ...

      that said, woodlot is a fantastic restaurant, probably my favorite so far. and it's great for vegetarians.

      1. re: autopi

        Not really. Vancouver Montreal NYC London etc in any big city that would be considered mid range price point. Given that I never get out of a place like George or Splendido for less than $200 pp Woodlot is go mid range option.

        1. re: JennaBean

          i beg to differ. NYC is much cheaper, as are boston and chicago. i have no idea about montreal and vancouver.

          i ate at alinea ~$120. I'm sure george and splendido are great, but i've never heard anyone say they are at alinea's level. dinner at 11 madison park -- by some estimations the best place in new york at the moment -- is $125. i recently had a 10 or 11 course lunch there for about $100.

          woodlot is actually one of the more reasonably priced places in toronto, relative to what you get. my sense is that most restaurants in toronto are about 20% overpriced relative to comparable quality in the states. and the level of cooking is in general just not as high or as innovative, in my opinion anyway.

    2. Can't go wrong - unless your budget is tight - with either Scaramouche (window table) or George for romance, and both do great work with fish and veg.

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      1. re: childofthestorm

        I'm a huge George fan and forgot they have a veg tasting menu as well.

      2. Chiado is excellent for fish. It's romantic in a very old school way. But then again, Scaramouche is also romantic old school. Both are excellent.

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        1. re: ukers

          Both are good places but a wee bit too old school for my liking.

          1. re: JennaBean

            Splendido or George if price is irrelevant. Fish(not seafood) in Toronto is, um, challenging. If it's a 10th anniversary, and a first marriage, you are probably YOUNG and Toronto is not strong on sit-down, takes reservations, special occasion romantic dining WITH young demographic. I challenge the 'hounds to find a "new school" place that's quiet enough for romantic conversation, takes bookings, and has great food, with tablecloths. The poster asked for a "nice place" so I'm guessing he (or she, they could be lesbians) doesn't want a bar scene.

            1. re: KAYLO

              Scaramouche is probably the best place. It's the quietest of them all, the food is superb, the view is great, they have tablecloths and their seafood is sustainable. Never disappoints.

              1. re: Flexitarian

                yes, Scaramouche is nice...with a mature crowd....

                1. re: Flexitarian

                  I agree. Worthy of a 10th anniversary dinner.

                2. re: KAYLO

                  Ici Bistro would fit the bill but getting a reservation is challenging.

                  1. re: JennaBean

                    Ici reservations can now be made through Opentable. Usually not too difficult to get a table if you book a couple weeks in advance.

                    1. re: prima

                      I rarely plan that far in advance. I miss the walkin spots at the bar.

            2. Also consider Auberge du Pommier.

              1. Thank you very much for all replies.
                Decided to try Nota Bene on the recommendation of friend. Hopefully we'll have a nice dinner this evening.
                Woodlot had no reservations and we've been to Scaramouche -- wanted to to try something different. Hopefully we won't be disappointed.
                We (opposite sex spouse) both appreciate all your suggestions.

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                1. re: ipassgas

                  Let us know how it went, and what the noise level was like.

                  1. re: ipassgas

                    I often request a quiet table when I make my reservation at Nota Bene. If they don't have a group dinner taking place in the easternmost section of the restaurant the night you're there, the tables in that section are usually a little quieter than the tables in the main dining area, which can be quite energetic. Hope you enjoy your dinner. If you like asparagus, I recommend the current asparagus first course.