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May 14, 2012 05:15 PM

Lucifer's Pizza Los Feliz?

Anyone know anything or have anything to say? I keep trying to convince the girlfriend that buying Groupons for places we know nothing about is not necessarily worthwhile. But she's gone and bought another one - for Lucifer's. I figure we're committed to eating there anyhow, but I might as well be prepared.

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  1. they use a lot of spice.
    other than that...

    1. I went once when they first opened (which i think was around 4 years ago) and had a ring of fire pizza made with jalapenos, spicy pepperoni, and a hot sauce in place of a normal tomato sauce. I really like spicy food but I guess I don't like spicy pizza. It seemed rather one note and pointlessly spicy. I think they talked me into ordering that one and I remember thinking afterward that I shouldn't have let them. It doesn't even sound like it should be good. I don't remember the dough and crust making much of an impression negative or positive so my guess is that some of the pies are probably much better than what I ordered even if they aren't exceptional in any way. I walk by the place all the time and they have some sign in the window about being selected best pizza in LA by someone so maybe I just ordered poorly. I'd be curious if you end up liking it more than I did.

      1. Both times I've had it, the pizza has been free and, even then, I wouldn't want it again. The first time was so inedible I wouldn't have tried it the second time if I knew where it came from.

        Think public school cafeteria and you'll get the general idea.

        1. not necessarily a good place for a classic pie, but I do like some of the funkier varieties. not into the spicy thing so I order mild or no spice. try the greek lamb and rosemary or the pumpkin and proscuitto...