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May 14, 2012 05:08 PM

Top Food Experiences in Israel

Hi everyone, I am planning my first trip to Israel to celebrate me completing my conversion to Judaism, so this is a pretty big deal for me. At this point, I know which cities we will be staying in/visiting, and would like some advice on the top restaurant/food experiences in these cities, or close by for day trips. Money is no object, I am open to both inexpensive casual and high end options. Here is our tentative list:

Tel Aviv
Caesaria (for dinner specifically)
Sea of Galilee
Yizreel Valley
Beit Shean
Golan Heights (any good vineyards/wineries up this area that do tours?)
Dead Sea

Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can give. I am so looking forward to my visit!!

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  1. If you go down a few threads you'll find that this subject has been quite exhaustively covered recently. Here's an article about a restaurant called Helena in Caesaria port:

    1. This very recent thread covers Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in a lot of detail as well as the north. Also some of these areas will have overlap (Tsfat/Tiberias/Sea of Galilee) where the overall quality of the restaurant scene is much more hit and miss. Also with the Negev - your best bet for restaurant eating would be Ber Sheva - but there are also tourist companies that will give you the "Bedoin" experience (sleeping in a tent, the food, etc) in the desert which is enjoyable.

      For the Dead Sea - aside from hotel eating I'm not sure if there is anything else. And it is hotel food. But if anyone has a suggestion I would be thrilled to hear them.

      I am personally based in the Jerusalem area, and if you have any specific questions about eating in Jerusalem, I am happy to help.

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        Thank you so much. So in Caesarea.. is that Helena restaurant on the top of the hill with a view? My Israeli friends all told me i need to eat somewhere in Caesarea with a good view.. so I just want to make sure. Any other suggestions would be great too.

        1. re: hungryabbey

          It is in an elevated position above the port, so it has a view.

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              Regarding something not on your list - but seaside eating. If you make it to Akko - Doniana is an excellent place to eat in regards to being right on the water. And if you're there at the right time, you can see boys jumping off the old city walls into the Mediterranean as well as the waves hitting the old city. The food is completely decent, but nothing special - however the view is definitely special. A great place to go for some afternoon drinks and a snack if the weather is nice.

              1. re: cresyd

                Thank you so much for this tip. I think I am going ot end up at Akko afterall.