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May 14, 2012 04:54 PM

Udupi Bhavan in Nashua?

saw this comment on the Greater Boston board: Our waiter last night (the bald guy) told us Udupi is planning on opening a new place at 295 Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua NH -- a site where we've seen several conventional Indian restaurants come and go. Our waiter says that history worries them, but as we told him, those places were not very good. If Udupi can keep the current quality and service, they should have no problem.

Has anybody else heard about this?

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  1. Yes, they'll be there in a couple of weeks, according to the lady who works in an adjacent business. I stopped in for lunch a few days ago, not realizing that the non-vegetarian place it used to be was now closed. Since I love the meat dishes at an Indian restaurant (and that fast-food indian place in the same plaza is pretty lame, i won't waste my money on fast-food Indian when I can get the good stuff just as easily), I can't say I'm thrilled about the change, but I can see that it makes sense to have a veggie indian place in the Nashua area. I guess I'll have to stick to my old favorite Kashmir in Salem, NH when I'l dying for lamb korma!

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      If you like northern Indian food, which includes meat dishes, India Palace on Amherst Street is very good.

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        South Indian food is pretty amazing, and I think you'll like the flavors. I hope this doesn't cut into Meena's business too much, but her cooking is more Hyderbadi, this is more Chennai.

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          Igree! Still my fave altho had did have a good meal at Meena's earlier in the year.

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          does anyone know if they (udupi bhavan) have opened in nashua?

        3. Yup - it's right here - right now ... 295 DW, Nashua , NH ... phone # 603-888-6003. i have a 10% off coupon for Nashua location only, but maybe if you call , you can find out where you can get one ... good luck -

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            thanks....their web site hasn't been up-dated yet, i thought it wasn't open yet.

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              I hope you are looking at the correct website, I updated it last week whereas I have been busy with the opening process. It is

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              hmmm, no-one's answering the phone...

              1. re: qianning

                looks like tuesday it is closed, wouldn't you know....

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                  We are closed in lowell on Monday's and closed in Nashua on Tuesday's, to better serve our customers we will always have one location open!

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Stopped by for lunch today, same menu as the Lowell location with an all you can eat buffet at lunchtime and that also includes a Dosa. Excellent food, hot and tasty and you get a pitcher of water on your table, really good idea wish more restaurants did this. Bright and nice interior, plenty of parking.

                295 Daniel Webster Highway (Sun Plaza)
                Nashua, NH 03060

       Sorry but the website is terrible, this was OK in the 1980's


                1. Stopped by for lunch today and the buffet is still good with a nice selection of vegetarian food. Everything was nicely labeled but unfortunately most of them was misspelled. I didn't notice anyone familiar and when I was looking at Udupi Bhavan's website I noticed that all references to the Nashua location was gone so I'm assuming that the restaurant has changed owners. Food was still good.


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                    The green Vegetable that you mention in your blog is Drumstick Vegetable. You chew it up and Spit out the fiber. There is flesh on the exterior and in the middle, the leaves are also eaten.

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                      Nashua location is no longer under the same ownership as Lowell.

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                        we stopped by the Nashua location last night for dinner and it was excellent. We had the samosa, rasa vada (lentil donuts in a lentil soup), dosa, chana masala, aloo gobi.
                        Everything was very good, but the chana masala and the dosa definitely stood out.. We ate way too much food and got out of there for under $40.