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May 14, 2012 04:51 PM

Perfect Meal?

I just thought that it would be a fun "exercise" to create a meal that consists of appetizer--soup and/or salad/ entree/after entree (i.e., cheese presentation)-dessert--THAT WOULD BE YOUR "PERFECT" MEAL combining various components from various local restaurants. Knowing that it is almost impossible for an individual restaurant to produce a "perfect meal to your specifications." Also include beverages of all sorts--wine, drinks, coffees., etc.

So, the "game plan" is to create YOUR PERFECT MEAL, using local restaurants for indiviual portions/aspects (you can also include atmosphere--service--music if any) to produce your 'LOCAL DREAM DINNER"). I hope this is a fun and entertaining and nouveau idea, getting off the beaten track. It can also highlight various proponents that highlight select restaurants for their strengths in certain areas. FoiGras

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  1. FoiGras what are your picks and do you think there should be a cocktail pick?

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    1. re: agarnett100

      Definitely a cocktail pick. Will have to get back to you regarding my selection(s). FoiGras

    2. A consume of whatever is seasonal at Palena, veal shank at Fiola, and either the raspberry cheesecake or chocolate mousse at Central. A gin and tonic from New Heights to start, bottle of wine picked by Mark Slater from Ray's, and then a glass of Thibaut to end. Service from Fiola because I really like a couple of the servers there, atmosphere of Proof.

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        kitmoomau--wow, you responded very quickly. I am duly impressed.. I guess that I should have posted my "perfect meal" initially. This is actually more difficult then I thought.

        Well, this is just preliminary--Charleston's fried green tomatoes (which I would request that foie gras be added to the mix).---Chiapperelli's house salad and Fleming's house salad. Fleming's onion rings. Linwood's French onion soup. Oysters in champagne at Tio Pepe's along with their Sangria. Crab imperial from the Prime Rib. Fried green beans from Loafer's on Caton Avenue--and the fried pickles. The green beans from Olive Garden. Some good wine--don't know what to select and from where.

        Well, this is just a beginning. I know that I could never eat all of this in one meal. I still need to add the potatoes and pastas that I love and can't forget the desserts. I usually don't order dessert from restaurants, so I will disqualify myself from that category. but, I wouldn't discount the cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory. FoiGras

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          Shaksouky from Lebanese Taverna, som tum from Thai Arroy, Tuna tartare wrapped in rice paper from Volt, Kaddo borawni from The Helmand, Caprese salad with burrata from Chazz, a crabcake from Koco's, Lemongrass lamb chops from Grace Garden, Shrimp fra diavolo with linguini from Pasta Blitz, coconut cake from Clementine, and some ice cream from Taharka Brothers.

          That's more like my "final meal." It changes all the time though.