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Where can I buy fresh burrata cheese

Need to buy some any pointers on whom makes or has some good quality , where is no real object within say 10 miles of Boston or so
Thanks in advance

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  1. In the North End, try Salumeria Italiana, Monica's, or DePasquale's Pasta. 1 or more should have it.

    There's a local brand, Fiore do Nonno which is ok but I find the Italian imported product to be better and worth seeking out. The NE places were getting it in 1 day a week and it's not a bad idea to call and ask them to hold some for you.

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        Call Salumeria and check this but I believe it arrives on Thursday and we usually can walk in and buy it on Fridays. My husband adores this Italian buffalo Burrata. You can call ahead and reserve one to be sure they don't run out before you get there. Have them hold half a loaf of chibatta for to enjoy with the burrata.


      2. The bufala at Salumeria Italiana is my favorite retail version available in Boston. It usually arrives on Thursday from somewhere near Naples and only keeps for a few days. Nothing like it. But in a pinch, I will get the Mozzarella House version, made in Everett and carried by Russo's, the Formaggios, and others. A fair price and a local product.


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          Last summer, SI stopped getting them on Thurs from Italy...was selling a different product.

          . Summer before ; yes.

          Is your info more current than mine? That's why I didn't just say SI in my initial answer..and suggested calling around to get the imported.

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            I don't have newer info, but I never get to SI except Fri- Sun, and often get denied on the burrata because it's all gone.


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              I tend to spend more time in the NE in the summer, and was disappointed that SI stopped importing it last year. I don't know if it was cost or quality control. I think we all agree that the Thurs delivery was a great treat..if you could get it..:) Don't know yet if the other cheese shops will bring in the imported this summer.

              At least we still still have a few local options. FDN sells at some of the Farmer's Mkts.Last year, Dewey Sq for sure and probably Copley.

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                  FWIW, The website now lists a domestic Burrata, accurately and as it should be.

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                Hi, I did speak with them yesterday, it arrives around mid morning on Thursday, on sale after mid day, if you or I call they will reserve, there now on speed dial for this week,LOL

                Then it's off to Russos to buy some beets to roast over bed of rosemary , baby tomatoes, and will be all set

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                The importer who brings in buffalo mozzarella from Naples and I believe the burrata (which he probably gets via Naples, but from what I put together its not made in Naples itself) is an acquaintance of mine. He sells the same mozzarella to SI, Capone's, Sessa's, restaurants, and more. SI is the most likely to find imported burrata, but its worth a call to Capone's (which had the best prices overall on the buffalo mozzarella). There are other products brought up from NYC as well as Vermont buffalo products (Seacrest). He brought mozzarella in twice a week (used to be the Al Italia schedule ; now they have daily weeknight flights), but the burrata was a bit more complicated to acquire and its limited -- when there were droughts in Italy, it wasn't available at all. Overall its a small operation and the dairy products are only a part (honestly I thnk the burrata is more to keep customers interested). Sometimes things happen with the delivery -- package delayed, issues with customs, etc. I lucked out once when their cheese was delayed two days and he didn't want to sell it to keep up his reputation. As far as I know flavored burrata and so on are not from Italy (and I don't think Fiore di Nonno) -- I would guess from Vermont, but not certain.

                BTW, a couple of local restaurants have played around with making their own. Russell House Tavern I think gave it a go, although they were buying from Fiore di Nonno too and mostly they put it on pizza which is a bit of a waste.

            2. Thanks to all will try and get some this weekend

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                Once the farmer's markets are open (is Copley open yet?) you will be able to get Fiore di Nonno's burrata there. Made fresh every morning so you will get the freshest ones possible that way.


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                  Copley is open Tuesdays and Fridays. Fiore di Nonno also makes appearances at SOWA on Sundays also open and outside now, Lexington on Tuesdays starting 5/19, Belmont on Thursdays starting 6/14, Union Sq Somerville starting Saturday 6/2, and Winchester on Saturdays starting 6/9.

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                    Found the one from Vermont at Shaw's today. It was good, but lacked the creamy texture of the imported one.

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                      Thanks for the tip. I was at Copley at 11 today and got a mozzarella and a garlic and onion burrata - he had 4 varieties. There was a line.

                2. I know this is much further afield, but the Panzano Italian Market in Southborough has excellent, fresh burrata. I forget whether it is imported, althogh I believe that it isn't, but it is really excellent. They have them with several different spices/herbs added as well.

                  1. http://www.mozzarellahouse.com/

                    I like it here as well, but timing is everything. Also, if you can catch them while the ricotta is still warm, it, too is a great product. I'd add a sprinkling of salt to the burrata.

                    1. great burrata at Waterfront Cafe... anyone know where they get it? I've been told it's flown in.

                      1. Burrata is originally from Puglia, but they make it in Naples as well so it could be that Salumeria Italiana is getting it along with mozzarella from Campania. If it is coming from Puglia, it would add even more transport time onto it and lessen the quality - the more time ticks away from the moment the burrata is made, the worse it is. Someone from Puglia would never eat burrata that's taken a plane trip, but beggars can't be choosers I guess.

                        I tried Fiore di Nonno's burrata and wanted to love it, but unfortunately it's not really burrata. It is more like mascarpone inside a mozzarella shell. Burrata is supposed to be "stracciatella", which are mozzarella strips that are the byproduct of making mozzarella, inside a mozzarella shell. Like so many parts of Italian cuisine, it was born out of avoiding waste - rather than throw away these "straccie" or rags, they were incased in a mozzarella shell with the leftover cream and burrata was born.

                        We have had good luck with Maple Brook Farms burrata from Vermont - you can find it in Whole Foods and Star Market/Shaws, it's about 7 dollars.

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                          Yesterday I picked up imported burrata from Salumeria Italiana; it is coming from Puglia.

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                            The imported was sold out at SI this AM, had domestic. They sold a lot of the important yesterday. Glad to see they're getting it in again.

                            I like the Maple Brook Farms burrata also.

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                            I love the stufF from MapleBrook Farms....What's amazing to me is that real burrata is low on the calorie continuum...Who knew? ;)