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May 14, 2012 03:15 PM

Lil' Masters Grille in Fair Haven

Looked like they're closed or closing. Anyone know anything?

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    out of business. it was really in a lousy, easily passable location.

    1. A new place took it over. A breakfast and lunch place called J Roosters

      I hear the food is good, but they opened too fast and weren't prepared. I live near it when its open I see people in there. Which is better then lil masters was doing. It could be because its still new though.

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        A lot of the issue has to be marketing. The location is pretty crummy as far as any walk or drive-by recognition.

        1. re: JayUnt

          We went to J Roosters this morning and it was not so good. My husband asked for his sausage well done. It came out and was barely even cooked. It was split, but it was honestly grey. My daughter's eggs, on the other hand, were very well done, as in burnt. The toast was not buttered with butter but with an artificial tasting butter flavored oil. All of the food just had an off taste to it, and everything was greasy. We will not return, that's for sure. It wasn't cheap, either.