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May 14, 2012 02:41 PM

White Queso in Plano area

I am DESPERATE to find white queso in my area. All I can find is the disgusting yellow stuff. Any suggestions?

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  1. Sorry, can't lead you to a restaurant but I feel your pain. But Costco has a terrific white queso in the refrigerated section that can tide you over at home and that doctors up nicely (I don't have one on hand to name it because I can't buy it very often or I can gain 5# in a week).

    Edited: Well apparently I could simply have Googled the name: Leigh Oliver's All-Natural White Queso with Green Chiles. This link includes a review and photo (queso is not as dark/yellow as the photo, it IS white):

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        +1 Costco! We buy that and the chicken tamales in the same case, YUM!!

    1. Also, try any of the Fiesta or El Rancho markets. They'll have what you want.
      I think the only real difference is the (natural) annatto seed that's used for the yellow color.

      1. If you do a search for "Queso Blanco" on Yelp, there are quite a few places that seem to offer it in the DFW area.

        1. Mi Cocina Plano had queso blanco at one point. I don't see it on the menu online currently, but remember ordering both the chile con queso and queso blanco one time. You may try calling and see if they still serve it.

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          1. I have your answer. Look under "quesome" chicks and queso . com