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May 14, 2012 02:41 PM

BEst Meatballs (Italian) Needham, Newton, W. Rox, etc

Where are the best Italian Meatballs in the area? Seems like such a rarity these days

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  1. The only good meatballs are the ones my wife, mother & grandmother make. I've never had a good meatball from a restaurant.

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    1. re: kevinricci

      I totally beleive in the "wife, mother & grandmother" thing, but two places come to mind. Unfortunately, not in the area the OP is seeking. The Venetian in Weymouth has very good meatballs, as does (and go figure), Alba in Quincy Center. Alba's is kind of a head-scratcher, but they are quite good. Sorry I couldn't come up with anything closer.

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        While it is a bit of cliché to cite grandma's meatballs as the best (in my family, it was my grandfather who was the meatball master), it is the standard by which many of us judge. And many fail--either by skimping on what we might consider essential ingredients, or by making a relatively simple thing too complicated. Some tings just don't translate well from a home to restaurant setting.

      2. I really like the meatballs at Fiorella's in Newton.

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          I forgot to add Domenic's in Waltham to the list. Delicious.

        2. The meatballs are pretty good at Russo's in Watertown, (but at the edge of Newton) either in their sub or on pasta, preferably your own.

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            The area you have highlighted have Comella's. Whenever I am in the newton area I stop by either the one in west newton or wellesly location where 16 and 9 meet.
            Great lasagna and meatballs.

            1. re: libertywharf

              Plus one for Comella's. I'm still sad they closed their Brookline Harvard St location.

          2. Again, not exactly in the area asked for, but I love the meatballs at Il Casale in belmont.

            1. Just 10 minutes from West Roxbury, try Bon Caldo on Route 1 in Norwood. Delicious tender, succulent meatballs!!