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re-heating sliced pastrami?

any suggestions for re-heating sliced pastrami? we have a pound of pastrami, but would like suggestions for re-heating single servings

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  1. Steam it. NOT in the water .I use a covered strainer over a pot of simmering water .

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    1. And if you like your pastrami with cheese you can put that on top and let it melt from the steam.

      1. 3rd on steaming. you get wonderfully silky slices.

        1. If it's real pastrami from a Jewish deli, it has already been steamed to tenderness so you can actually microwave it with good results.

          BUT (and it is a big but) ...if it is sliced pastrami from the supermarket, wrap it in foil, and steam it in a _covered_ pot (OVER the water as has been pointed out) for a good hour or more if you want the tenderness like you'd get from a Jewish deli.

            1. Place the pastrami on a paper towel, sprinkle with a little water, wrap and nuke. Comes out perfectly.

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                That'll work, but it will only be tender if you're reheating pastrami that previously had the long steam treatment. Sliced pastrami from the supermarket will be pretty chewy.

              2. put the pastrami in a sealed ziploc bag.

                submerge in hot water from the tap for about 3-5 minutes.

                1. For a single serving I nuke; for 2-3 servings I usually toss it quickly in a lightly oiled non-stick pan.