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May 14, 2012 01:53 PM

Name that filling!

Recently, at the windowside table of a Chinatown bakery, I bought two greenish glutinous objects. One, marked with a red dot, contained sweetened sticky rice. The other, which I bit into only after a lengthy walk, is shown below; it was sweet, too, but I couldn't identify the slawlike, somewhat crunchy filling. Can you? Thanks in advance.

Dave Cook

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  1. Holy nostalgia. They were one of my favorite snacks growing up as a young child in Taiwan. I remember my nanny would buy them after going to the market, and they'd be wrapped in a bit of plastic wrap.

    According to Google, it comes from Hakka cuisine, and classified as a sticky rice dumpling. The outside is flavored with mugwort and sweetened. The savory filling includes shredded dried radish, mushrooms, pork, maybe also onion, dried shrimp. In other words, maximum umami.

    Lots of cute pictures of it:

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    1. Please identify the Chinatown bakery! I love all goods glutinous and wanna eat this.