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May 14, 2012 01:43 PM

Bacalao where to find in the San Fernando Valley?

I'm looking to make Bacalao does anyone know where to find it near Encino that's not Whole Foods?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can you use French-style salt cod? I have purchased it at Ralphs, although not all of them carry it. I found it at the flagship store on Vineland and Ventura. I believe the Fish King in Glendale also stocks it. If its not too off-topic for the moderators I suggest making your own. Nancy Silverton has a great recipe for it in her sandwich book. Its a lot cheaper than buying it, and better tasting.

      1. I'm pretty sure Natas on Ventura in Sherman Oaks has it in their little shop.

        1. For future reference, because it's not in the Valley, the Cuban (?) convenience store on Glendale Blvd in Atwater Village, down the block from Proof Bakery (when you walk toward Larga) has Bacalao. Also Spanish-made-in-America chorizo and tons of other things, including I think some bread and a few pastries from Porto's. It looks a bit shabby and truth be told, every surface you would touch inside is sticky, but it's worth exploring.

          1. you might try domingo's italian grocery on ventura blvd. in encino. or the monte carlo deli in burbank.