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May 14, 2012 01:38 PM

Key West on a College Student's Budget

My son and his girlfriend (college students) are heading down to Florida in June. They plan to drive down to key West for a day trip. We are researching places to eat that are inexpensive and delicious. I've noticed two places - Garbo's Food Cart and Grunts. Any other suggestions? They are both 21, and they like healthy salads, steak tips, burgers, tacos, etc.

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  1. Bad Boy Burrito...........Sandy's Cafe or Cuban Coffee Queen for sandwiches (breakfast and lunch).......Sandy's is open 24 hours a day. Go to El Siboney's for some decently priced meals.

    1. absolutely 100 percent agree with going to Garbo's Grill for some fish or shrimp tacos or burritos.

      Maybe Blue Heaven for Lunch and split a piece of key lime pie.

      Bad Boy Burrito, while I've never eaten there looks promising. Something college age kids would dig.

      Sarabeth's has some nice shrimp salads that I enjoy for Lunch

      Caroline's for some Key West apps and a drink -

      Is this a day trip where they are not staying over night? They should stay one night to get the full idea of Key West. They can find a room right off of Duval for about 100 bucks a night.

      If staying a night tell them to Pop over to Irish Kevins for some musical entertainment and a drink. :)

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        Didn't catch the "day trip" part.......definitely agree about getting a room. I would think two nights would be the minimum. That only really gives you the one full day in between (depending on how early you arrive in town the first day), plus it gives you the opportunity to try several different places to eat and a little variety of the nightlife choices.

        1. re: kempshark

          I agree, you can't really do the Duval crawl in one night. lol.

          but even if they are driving down from Miami it's still about a 4 hour drive one way. It's a bit much for just a quick day trip.

          Food and drink should be fully enjoyed without such a rushed time limit. and they must see A Mallary Square Sunset.

          If they stay at least a night they can just eat the continental breakfast in the morning and do lunches and dinners