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May 14, 2012 01:34 PM

Looking for all kinds of places to eat alone in (mostly) central LA and (a little) Westside

Bear with me, as I haven't done my full research like I normally do before posting on Chowhound. I feel bad, actually. But I will be digging into it very soon.

In two weeks I'm going to be in Los Angeles for a week without a car. I usually go to New York City and there you aren't really limited without a car, so I will try to list the areas of L.A. I will be in the most and that will kickstart my search.

I'm staying in Wilshire Center. I'm primarily going to be in central LA -- that means Downtown, WeHo, Koreatown, etc. But I will also be in Westwood, Santa Monica, and a few other places. So while I'm primarily looking for places near where I'll be everyday, feel free to mention some places I could go while I am on the westside!

When I'm in NYC, I like to eat at good local places that range anywhere from casual to fancy but not so fancy that I'd be out of place. Just not super expensive either.

Where are some good pizza places? I love woodfired. Awesome bakeries? Any restaurants that have bar seating or you think someone eating alone would enjoy the atmosphere.

Thanks, I realize my request is somewhat vague. But hoping I can get some must-do suggestions and then I'm sure I can build my places to go to by searching on here.

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      1. re: wienermobile

        Just a short red line subway ride from downtown to Langer's Deli for a counter seat and the best Pastrami on earth. Lunch till 4pm and closed Sundays.

    1. Westwood 800 Degrees for pizza and Fundamental LA for sandwich.

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      1. re: Thor123

        Milo and Olive for pizza, great salads and possible great conversation at a communal table.

      2. I love Grand Casino in Culver City. It's an Argentine bakery & cafe that is well-disposed to solo diners.

        1. could you kindly define what you mean by "super expensive?"