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May 14, 2012 01:32 PM

Atlantic City reccomendations

Anyone been to AC lately and can reccomend where to eat ? Meat and Dairy . Thanks.

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  1. Only a few places to eat in the AC area. All are in Ventnor, 1 town south of AC. None are upscale, but food is good.
    Bubbies Bistro (dairy)
    has good pizza and panini. I have not had any of the other items.

    Aroma Bistro (dairy) - has great breakfasts and to die for home made desserts.

    Jerusalem Restaurant (meat) is owned by the same people as Aroma, and is 2 doors down the block. It has Israeli Grill menu. I think it is overpriced and not great, but if you are in the mood for meat it is the only alternative in the AC area. ( I should add that years ago, this restaurant was very good and not unreasonably priced, but this, alas, has changed.)

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    1. Burger .org opened in margate :)

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