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May 14, 2012 01:31 PM

Del Popolo Pizza Truck -- Anyone Tried It?

I came across the truck on Mission Street across from Yerba Buena Gardens on Saturday around 1 pm...5 minutes after I ate lunch. I saw several people eating from open pizza boxes but couldn't get a decent look at the product. The price I liked, though -- $7 per pizza (their website says $10). Two varieties were on offer.

They were at Sydney Walton Square today according to their twitter (I don't even know where that is).


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  1. Ok, tonight Del Popolo is outside Bar Agricole from 5:30pm until sold out. Then back to Mint Plaza for lunch on Thursday. Someone's gotta try it.

    1. Sydney Walton Square is down by the Golden Gateway Center. (if it is still called that)

      1. Had it recently at the Sidney Walton Square location (Jackson & Front St.), which I hear will be one of their regular spots.

        The $7 price is their "beta" price... sort of like a trial period. I am guessing they will up the price soon as they officially launched on May 15th.

        I thoroughly enjoyed the very fresh ingredients... their mozzarella was exceptional! Sauce was a bit standard but still of good quality. They don't skimp on the basil, which I love! Crust, well... it's really a matter of preference, but Del Popolo's crust is chewy, doughy. Not a crispy part on my pie. I think I would have appreciated a 1-2 more minutes in their amazing wood burning oven. The size -- frisbee size. Good portion, barely finished 3 slices, gave 1 slice to a co-worker.

        There was hardly a line but I still waited about 10 minutes. Not horrible at all, but I cant imagine how much longer it'd take if there was a line 20 people deep. There are 2 cooks rolling out the dough constantly and a 3rd guy on the lower level (yes this rig has 2 levels) taking orders.

        The truck itself is a sight to see... really cool how they outfitted one side with all glass... it really is like a mini chef's table, but all they make are pizzas. :) Heard it cost $180K + to build!

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          Thanks for a thorough and concise report, now I know what to expect.

        2. Truck was at 3rd & Mission again on Saturday. Here's a photo of the white pizza and of the truck itself. I won't go into specific details since I'm no pizza expert, but I'd compare this to what Delfina does (though I haven't been to PD in at least a year). I felt the crust could use a little more salt but the cheeses were really nice and creamy, and the char on the crust was perfect for me. I ate it on a bench in the shade of the Jewish Contemporary Museum.

          The price was up to $10 as per the website, which seemed a real value to me (I'd say the size was a bit larger than a frisbee). There was no line at 1:30 pm and only two others were eating pizza. Granted that's a bit late for lunch but I felt bad there weren't more people in line or chowing down.