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May 14, 2012 01:31 PM

Del Popolo Pizza Truck -- Anyone Tried It?

I came across the truck on Mission Street across from Yerba Buena Gardens on Saturday around 1 pm...5 minutes after I ate lunch. I saw several people eating from open pizza boxes but couldn't get a decent look at the product. The price I liked, though -- $7 per pizza (their website says $10). Two varieties were on offer.

They were at Sydney Walton Square today according to their twitter (I don't even know where that is).

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  1. Ok, tonight Del Popolo is outside Bar Agricole from 5:30pm until sold out. Then back to Mint Plaza for lunch on Thursday. Someone's gotta try it.!/pizzadelpopolo...

    1. Sydney Walton Square is down by the Golden Gateway Center. (if it is still called that)

      1. Had it recently at the Sidney Walton Square location (Jackson & Front St.), which I hear will be one of their regular spots.

        The $7 price is their "beta" price... sort of like a trial period. I am guessing they will up the price soon as they officially launched on May 15th.

        I thoroughly enjoyed the very fresh ingredients... their mozzarella was exceptional! Sauce was a bit standard but still of good quality. They don't skimp on the basil, which I love! Crust, well... it's really a matter of preference, but Del Popolo's crust is chewy, doughy. Not a crispy part on my pie. I think I would have appreciated a 1-2 more minutes in their amazing wood burning oven. The size -- frisbee size. Good portion, barely finished 3 slices, gave 1 slice to a co-worker.

        There was hardly a line but I still waited about 10 minutes. Not horrible at all, but I cant imagine how much longer it'd take if there was a line 20 people deep. There are 2 cooks rolling out the dough constantly and a 3rd guy on the lower level (yes this rig has 2 levels) taking orders.

        The truck itself is a sight to see... really cool how they outfitted one side with all glass... it really is like a mini chef's table, but all they make are pizzas. :) Heard it cost $180K + to build!

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          Thanks for a thorough and concise report, now I know what to expect.

        2. Truck was at 3rd & Mission again on Saturday. Here's a photo of the white pizza and of the truck itself. I won't go into specific details since I'm no pizza expert, but I'd compare this to what Delfina does (though I haven't been to PD in at least a year). I felt the crust could use a little more salt but the cheeses were really nice and creamy, and the char on the crust was perfect for me. I ate it on a bench in the shade of the Jewish Contemporary Museum.

          The price was up to $10 as per the website, which seemed a real value to me (I'd say the size was a bit larger than a frisbee). There was no line at 1:30 pm and only two others were eating pizza. Granted that's a bit late for lunch but I felt bad there weren't more people in line or chowing down.