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May 14, 2012 01:28 PM

The next big thing on the Manhattan dining landscape?

This is probably a question which is impossible to answer accurately given the vagaries of the NYC dining scene and the rapidity with which places come and go, but... which restaurant(s) do you New York 'hounds think are going to eventually go supernova a la EMP or Brooklyn Fare with the attendant Michelin Stars and difficult reservations?

Or, perhaps to ask the question another way, are there any places you secretly hope this doesn't happen to... because it would make it tougher for you to eat there?

I'll be in Manhattan next month and will pay close attention to your opinions (whilst trying to get reservations to some of the more established places as well). I've already booked at Atera which seems like it's getting a lot of buzz.

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  1. I hope it doesn't happen to Corton, Recette, Jung Sik, and Brushstroke. Kyo Ya, would have been on this list but , too late, they got their stars, and it is impossible to get in now. So far I have never had a problem getting in on short notice at any of these. The food at all of these is delicious.

    1. I recently dined at both NoMad and ACME and thought both were fantastic. In each case, we were able to get in with reservations just a few days before. I'm not sure either will blow up to quite the extent you mentioned but I thought both deserved it.

      1. Corton should definitely be on your list.

        I'm pretty sure that Momofuku Ko is aiming for three Michelin stars, so they might be worth a visit.