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May 14, 2012 01:17 PM

waht to order at Binh Minh Quan Oakland- (Vietnamese food)

4 of us are going to Binh Minh Quan for dinner. Always gone with a Vietnamese friend now will be on our own. What should we order? We are adventersome diners.

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    1. re: Joel

      Thanks. Very helpful for our next ttrip. As you discovered I didn't know how to search for topics. We managed to work our way thought the menu and had a great meal.

      1. re: solotraveler

        What did you enjoy/not enjoy? An update would be most appreciated.

        1. re: Stephanie Wong

          We ordered the appetizer plate. All the items were good but we didn't what the two sauces were or the two spring roll type tiems. They tended to look alike. All were good.

          Stir fried eggplant with shrimp --excellent. Shrimp turned out to be medium sized prawns.
          Chicken Curry--great and I don't like curry!
          Pork clay pot #67 Very good. Sweet sauce, all pork no veggies. Salty and i like salty food.
          Stuffed calamari. Others liked this. Dried out husks of squid stuffed with a strong tasting filling sitting on a bed of bok choy like veggie in a grey cornstarch thickened liquid.
          Had the fried banana and mochi ice cream for dessert. Was embarassed to order such a contrived, bastardized dessert but it was actually very good!
          Didn't manage to order the type of dish that comes with lots of fresh mint. Had a great, tasty dinner at an inexpensive price $70 for 4 before tip. However, not sure I selected the most authentic Vietnamese dishes. Looking forward to going back.

          1. re: solotraveler

            I was just there on Sunday for Mother's Day and also ordered the combination Appetizer plate, which pretty much had a little bit of everything. I believe it there were regular shrimp spring rolls, tofu spring rolls, a very stuffed chicken wing, little egg rolls, chicken salad, and something else that got snatched up before I could get any. I found it to be a pretty good deal for the variety.

        2. re: Joel

          Have you been back since 2004? I haven't been since 2007, seemed like the food went downhill and haven't heard much to the contrary since.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            It hadn't been to BMQ in several years myself, and BMQ actually wasn't my first choice for this meal, but I thought the meal was better than I expected and handled our haphazard ordering pretty well. In particular I enjoyed the roasted catfish and the combination Banh Hoi.