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May 14, 2012 01:06 PM

Good Eats right off of I-95 through NC and SC

I frequently travel up and down I-95 through NC and SC and notice the lack of decent food. I am only looking for stuff within 2-3 minutes off the highway since I am traveling and attempting to make decent time. Anyone got some hidden gems?

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  1. I know how tough that is. I usually take snacks!

    There WAS a great place in Rowland NC called Pink House. It's only a mile off 95, but I think it closed. I could be wrong, so you might want to google it and call. Nice people, excellent fried chicken, and nice sides.

    Also, not fabulous but not a chain is Clark's at Santee.

    If your timing is right, McCabe's in Manning is excellent.

    Summerton Diner is great as well, if you are traveling that far south. Good luck. That road is the biggest yawn ever.

    1. Fullers in Lumberton, NC. Right off I-95. Its a buffet with a wide variety of southern style veggies, fried chicken, etc. Not low calorie or light but very good.

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        Agreed on Fuller's. Great food and relatively fast if you can tear yourself away from the buffet.
        There's a log burner in Lumberton now as well. I've driven by but haven't stopped.

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          I think the new BBQ place in Lumberton has already closed, unfortunately: