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May 14, 2012 01:06 PM

Scalini Fedeli -Chatham

Hi All

Some relatives are taking us out to dinner this Friday night at Scalini Fedeli in Chatham. We do not travel to that part of Jersey often- so I don't know much about the dining scene in that part off the state. They rave about it - say its amazing ( i know its a Michael Cetrulo resto) but I can not seem to find many reviews on here at all. Their website does not seem to give me much info about the menu either. Anybody been recently or have any thoughts on the place?

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  1. Scalini has a $52.00 prix fixe menu, app, mains, sorbet and dessert. Atmosphere is charming, set in an old home. The formal dining room and arched ceilings add an elegant feel. Service has always been top notch. The restaurant has repeatedly received four stars. My favorites include scallop cerciche, Raviolo, Sweet Pea canniloni with lump crab, Swordfish, pounded pork chop, porcini ravioli and the risotto, zabaglone and banana tart. I am certain you will enjoy dining there.

    1. Scalini Fedeli is excellent. We never had a bad experience there nor have I ever heard from anyone that has.

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        Are you the old Braves catcher? lol.

      2. I like this place a lot and try to eat there whenever we visit the Short Hills Mall. Only reason I never post about it is they get enough press and I don't get there often. If they have the special chocolate dessert, get it. Enjoy.

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          I'm sorry to say but we were more than a little under impressed by our experience at Scalini last Friday night. The food was - good but nothing spectacular. I found the presentation to be sloppy and the amuse bouche was a bizarre combo of ingredients from other dishes on the menu. Over all I'd say the pasta dishes from the first course were far better than the meat dishes we ordered for the second course. But the worst part was the dessert course - my DH ordered the souffle and it came out looking and tasting like a shriveled up microwave brownie. I made the mistake of ordering the cheese plate and what a mistake it was - I think I must've been the only one in the history of the restaurant to order it - because they certainly were not prepared. It was described as a selection of domestic and international cheeses with warmed bread. Well what I got was a vision in white. The plate consisted of Swiss, mozzarellA, gruyere, fontina and parmigiana and the " warmed bread" was 2 hunks of cold crusty dinner bread. It was really a disgrace. It was like they jjust took hunks of cheese from the kitchen that were being used in other dishes. I should've sent it back but the service was so slow that by the time dessert came it was close to 11 pm. This brings me to my other point. The service was embarrassingly awful. We ordered 2 bottles of expensive wines. The pouring was sloppy, they kept mixing up who was having red and white and we had the remind them to taste it prior to pouring. One member of our group does not drink and was drinking sparkling water instead. They kept trying to pour her wine multiple times. There is a ritual and a process that comes with ordering wines ( especially expensive bottles) and I'd like to say that someone young and inexperienced would perhaps be naive to this but our waiter, an older gentleman had mentioned later on in the evening he'd been working there for many years. I'd have to say that we will probably not go back and or recommend it as a fine dining establishment.

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            Good thing you weren't paying. I too, was underwhelmed on my last trip to Scalini, and am in no rush to return. I much prefer Serenade across the street.

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              Me Too!!!! it's overpriced with mediocre food

        2. I am a big fan of Scalini Fedeli but I've noticed if you go later in the evening the experience really suffers. Service slows down to be almost non-existent.

          1. WHEN Chef and owner Michael Cetrulo first opened Scalini, we were regular customers, the food was that excellent, nary a mistake......since he opened Scalini in NYC where he spends most of his time, the "help" he broke in in the kitchen really don't know what their doing......
            that's what many Chefs do today, they teach the low paid staff in the kitchen to duplicate dishes on the menu and the customers suffer for it.....this happens very often, and is becoming more prevalent in the industry.......If you know a Chef who owns a restaurant, ask who's in the kitchen,.....many times their in the dining room schmoozing with the customers....who's behind the stove ???