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May 14, 2012 12:14 PM

Casual dinner Hayward

Can anyone recommend a place for a quick casual dinner in Hayward? Looking for the following:

1. Sit down or not doesn't matter.
2. Preferably close to I-880.
3. No indian or mexican food (friend doesn't like them).

Did a search for Hayward but most of the threads are a few years old. Is it pretty slim pickings when it comes to Chow worthy restaurants in the area? Would prefer to not venture too far from the area as we will be meeting up Friday evening and want to avoid traffic.


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  1. Yah, the pickins are slim. Not that I've done much exploring, but I go to school in Hayward, and we sometimes roam around for a pre-class dinner. The only palatable things so far are Oasis Grill and Kenkoy's, but we are talking VERY casual here, like it's essentially fast food.

    There is an area that can be called "Downtown Hayward," which is near the BART station, though I odn't know much about it. You might want to explore that if you're looking to have a beer and such.

    1. Two suggestions-
      First , Buffalo Bills Brewery - Downtown Hayward - surprisingly good food and microbrewed beer.
      Second, Buon Appetito - also downtown but right on A.Street. Good Italian food, very casual.

      1. Hayward actually has a World Heritage Hamburger Spot. If you have not eaten at Val's you are make a serious mistake. Mama Burger, share an order of fries, shake. Priceless.

        Other spots include Hayward Ranch. Old school Steakhouse. Great value. Stiff drinks. Nothing fancy but worth dinner.

        Bijou has a great bar and superb small plates. Just down the street from Buffalo Bills. California French. Seems like it belongs in the City, not Hayward.

        Paradiso in nearby San Leandro is excellent as well. Italian/Californian. Wood fired grill.

        Horatio's at the San Leandro Marina. Excellent food.

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          Despite the name, Horatio's is really a branch of the Kincaid's chain.

        2. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but there is a decent Chinese spot along Foothill by the I-580 entrance (Golden Mountain?) that serves a very light and crisp salt and pepper eggplant appetizer. Basically like S & P calamari, except they use thinly sliced eggplant. The rest of their menu is meh, but this was the standout for me. The restaurant's name in Chinese is translated as Giant Shrimp Head and their logo is a big shrimp.

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            Is this the place?

            Golden Mountain Restaurant
            21933 Foothill Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94541
            (510) 537-6586 ‎

            A few years ago, KK posted about the Hakka specialties, but that chef has since relocated to San Francisco and things went downhill. Good to hear about it again.