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May 14, 2012 10:54 AM

Foodie Places to Check Out

Hey Fellow Foodies,

I am a foodie that is going to be out in Annapolis and would like to get some suggestions.

Ideally it is food that Is only available in Annapolis.


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  1. When I'm in Annapolis, I usually try to get some cream of crab soup. I;ve had it at a few different places, though, and don't remember their names. But ask around!

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    1. re: katecm

      Chick and Ruths has good Maryland Crab Soup- Red broth. Carrol's Creek has cream of crab soup.

    2. I don't think there is any food only available in Annapolis. However, the Boathouse good soft-shell crab sandwiches, Galway Bay, Middleton's and McGarvey's have good crab cakes, those are Annapolis specialties. Cantler's and Mike's are good places to sit and pick crabs.

      Other good places are: Regina's for breakfast, Level, O'Leary's, Osteria. City Dock has good coffee, Annapolis Ice Cream Company has good ice cream, Rockfish and the Severn Inn while it doesn't have mind blowing food, has a great view for sipping drinks and some decent food.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        I came across Carrol's Creek in my web search, it is good to have a recommendation from a foodie.

        Crab Cakes and Crab Soup sound great.

        Not to detract from my original question, but do you have huge Chinese or Japanese Markets out there. We have huge Market - Food Centers out here.

        1. re: ktmoomau

          Any recs for softshell in or around Bmore?
          Visiting from Seattle and trying to get the old school simply pan fried version.

          1. re: JayDK

            The Dizz would have them, just had them last weekend, will prepare them any way you want. Mr. Rain's is more downtown, but their lunch preparation had them pan fried, not deep fried.

            I would imagine many places will have them right now though...

        2. Oesteria 177 was an amazing meal.

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          1. re: melpy

            @kw_hound -Not to detract from my original question, but do you have huge Chinese or Japanese Markets - Quick answer is No Annapolis is a very small town. There are several large Korean Markets in Northern Virginia, one in Rockville and one Baltimore. Its called H-mart click link below

            1. re: agarnett100

              There is a Pennsylvannia Dutch Market, but no big ethnic markets.